My world came to and end on 7/17/15. My perfect angel was called home. My Lucy was only 7 y/o, and such a miricale pup. When my hubby and I were dating in 2006 he came home one day to his moms house to see a tiny little apricot poodle puppy sitting so calmly and patiently with her leash hooked to the railing. As he sat in the car for a moment she watched his every move ever so slightly wagging her tail but NEVER once did she stand up or get hyper. He finally walked over to her and un clipped her from the leash and where he went she went, each time he stopped she sat down next to him etc etc. he asked his mom who's dog this was and she told him no ones now, the family who had her had 2 small kids and hey told her the dog was untrainable and too much trouble and asked my mother in law to find her a home. David (my now hubby) decided to come visit me and he took the pup along for the car ride, for the whole 45min ride she didn't leave or raise her head from his lap as he drove to my parents house to see me.

When I saw him pull up and saw a tiny puppy pop her head up I fell in love!!!! I was not looking a for dog seeing as my parents already had 2 and money was tight at the time. I took her from David's arms and that was it, I knew i had found my baby, I found my baby Lucy (I adore Lucille Ball). My parents allowed me to keep her (I was still living at home) and that Monday I took her to the vet, just to have her checked out etc get shots. We guessed Lucy was about 2 months old putting her birthday in May of 2008 To my surprise the vet told me my little miricale had a stage 2 genetic heart murmur and that I'd be lucky if she lived to see 2 years old. I was DEVISTATED, though I talked won my parents and I still decided to keep her, how could I not?! She was potty trained in less than a week! This the puppy whom was "untrainable", Lucy didn't have to be trained, she KNEW what mommy and daddy expected of her and in return she was showered with love, treats, toys basically the life of a princess! Whatever she wanted she got. She even got to go to work with my mom a good part of her life (she's self employed) and Lucy just LOVED that! Fast forwarding a bit my hubby and I were married in May of 2011 and Lucy was our fur kid, pretty much her whole life she was happy, and normal. She loved to play, run and get crazy and let loose. She was quite the clown too, but that's typical of poodles. Around July of 2014, Lucy began hacking, almost like a hairball was caught or a goose honk. I started to worry so I took her to a new vet, and he was very truthful and up front, Lucy's heart murmur was now a grade 6+ (on the scale this is the worst possible senario) there was no operation, or fix that could be done. I asked what we could do to make her comfortable, you see she showed NO signs of pain and acted as if nothing was wrong.

Side note: for those who do not know dogs can live a normal life with a heart murmur (so can people) though if the murmur is strong enough, it can lead to CHF (congestive heart failure) which in July of 2014 this was when it stated for Lucy. Her lung slowly began to fill with fluid the last week of her life.

The vet put my baby on aRX cocktail of, blood pressure meds, lasiks, and Vetimidin (to regulate the pumping of the blood in and out of her heart) she was put on a strict diet, she was not happy about this part at all seeing as she liked it when mommy spoiled her at times. But we went month by month $100's in medication and food, and this past June 2015, it's as if some one hit a switch, he coughing and hacking were worse than ever, on and off. She slowed down in daily activities etc. David knew what was coming, I chose to ignore it. I did everything in my power to comfort her, home remmidies, vaporizers, all natural diet etc. I always told my hubby I don't know what I'd do if I lost her. On 7/6/15 we took her back to the vet and I begged him for what I could do, he said we can try one last pill but u will know with in 2 weeks of it will work...I was not ready to let my baby go. She still showed NO signs of suffering or pain, she was still happy go lucky attitude. So we took the pills and the RX cardiac food he gave us and she seemed to perk up more and more throughout the week and a half. She went to work again with David and my mom and had the time of her life! Then on 7/15/15 my hubby on his way home from work crashed his motorcycle (he is okay thankfully just some scrapes and bruises) and my mom and Lucy weren't far behind coming home in the car. When I got to the scene Lucy was frantic in the car worried about her daddy. When he came over she just hugged him and relaxed. David didn't work the next few days, that Thursday though Lucy started showing small signs that something wasn't right. She wasn't moving a lot, would stand still. So i ended up having the day off that Friday (7/17/15) and would take her back to the vet in the am. She didn't sleep that whole night, she stood up all night long bc the pressure on her chest would cause her to cough and hack, and she looked so tired...I was scared I quickly took a shower and made her appt, for 10:45. I sat on the couch to put my socks on and out of nowhere she jumped up and layed down next to me her head on my lap. Hubby was taking a cat nap in his chair. I talked to her and pet her and gave her a pillow to lay her head on and told her I loved her etc etc. about an hour passed and with in a minute after I told her it was okay, and I loved her, she bolted off the couch and collapsed on the floor, I was screaming my head off and my hubby jumped and ran to her as if nothing was wrong with him (he could barely move from the bike crash) my head told me this is it, and my heart was breaking. As he picked her up (not 5 seconds after she fell) she calmed down and he took her out of the room (I asked him to) he held her pet her and she looked in his eyes as he told her it was okay and she took a long deep breath and let it out and one more after that....and it was over. She was gone. He closed her eyes and just held her, having his time with her. I was hysterical in the other room and I chose not to see her lifeless. He took her upstairs, cleaned her up and wrapped her in his favorite shirt (still had his scent on it) and laid her to rest in the back yard. He made all the phone calls to my parents (who lost it too) and to the vet telling them she had passed. The time was 10:09am and she took her last breath at 10:12am, these 3 minutes felt like hours to me. She left with no pain, no suffering and she was in her daddy's arms safe and sound. God gave me what I asked for, I wanted him to decide when it was time and he did, I wanted her to go painlessly and she did, and I wanted my husband and I to both be there, and we were. Our family of 3 was back to 2. Though she was only 7 years old Lucy was incredible, she enriched my life and taught me so much and how to live in ways i didn't know were possible. She randomly came into our lives in a rough patch and saw us through it all! She waited for me to give her permission to let go and she gave me my time alone to say goodbye to her.....i have a new out look on things and the powers of the Lord having gone through this a month ago. She was my miricale, I'd do it over and over for her. She chose us, and loved us and gave us all of her and we did the same in return. I would have rather had the 7 years I did with her than not known her at all.

I am still emotionally a wreck inside, my hubby has been my rock. He has told me though I did not give birth to her I am a greving mother of my child. He has been here for me every step of the way. Though my life is empty now, my heart broken I know she loves me and is always with me. But it isn't getting easier, she depended on me to survive, and now I have no one to take care of, no kids and no other pets. I know we will get another poodle (Lucy was our first poodle and bc of her we fell in love with the breed) in time but Lucy will always have a special place with us and in our hearts. She will always be missed

Lucy Barbosa
May 2008-July 2015

I'm glad to have found this forum, it has helped a bit though this is my first post.
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I'm very sorry for your loss. Her story is so sweet, a pup given up on, who found the perfect family. Given not much chance at having a life, and expanding it to form an everlasting love. Lucy was very blessed to have found your family, the one that could share in her love. Thank you for sharing her story and pictures!

Kind thoughts to you and your family.

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Lucy is beautiful and she was a blessing for you and your family. Although she is no longer by your side, she will never leave your mind and heart. 
You are right - we would do it all over again, even knowing that in the end we feel the enormous pain of grief and loss.  The love and laughter that we share with them makes it worthwhile.  It is the price that we willingly pay.
This forum is fantastic.  The people here are caring and compassionate and they all understand what we are going through because they are living it too.  I lost my gorgeous beagle, Bella, 17 months ago and without this forum I don't know how I would have managed to cope each day.  A supportive family like yours (and mine) is also invaluable.  They are hurting just as much as we are and they understand those moments when the tears just begin to flow.
Because of Lucy you are "dog people" and as you said, one day you will get another poodle.  Because of all that she taught you and shared with you, you will give another dog a loving home.  Lucy keeps giving even after she has gone onto Rainbow Bridge.  A while after we said goodbye to Bella, we rescued 2 new family members from an animal shelter, Charli (springer spaniel cross) and Buddy (chocolate lab) and I know that it is because of the joy that Bella showed us.  It made us crave that unconditional love and strong bond again.  While having Charli and Buddy doesn't take away our feelings of immense loss, they have brightened our life and we consider them a gift from Bella.  They have a lot to thank her for!  One day, when the time is right for you, Lucy will guide you to another family member.  Then you will have been blessed more than once.
Hold your memories in your heart...they are yours forever.
(Bella, Charli and Buddy's very lucky mum)

My gorgeous girl, Bella  26/07/2004 - 03/04/2014
"You were once by our side, but you will be forever in our hearts. Until we meet again baby girl."
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Thank you. Your words mean a lot. I am so sorry for your losses as well. Each day is a challenge I'm finding. Lucy was my first pet I had a connection with such as this. I had dogs growing up but they weren't "mine" like she was/is. Just doing the best I can each day and some are so painful, but it's nice to know I am not the only one feeling this way. It's nice to know I'm not "crazy" to feel this upset over a dog, she wasn't just a dog, she was my child. Just a nice feeling knowing others are here whom feel the same.
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