Hi, this is my first topic so here it goes....

Earlier today I had lost my pet Betta Fish, Ducky and I have been overwhelmed with grief even though I've only had him 30 months I have heard that is pretty long for a store bought betta that was pretty much almost dead when I saved him.

It's so hard to think about him, I have done nothing but dream about him, but one time before I went to sleep I thought I heard a little splash almost like he was there with me I felt so happy at that moment.

Anyway, Ducky was always there for me, when I lost my first pet betta Ducky was there to comfort me.  He 'danced' and 'wiggled' endlessly at me and was always happy to see me and the rest of my/his family.

I also remember when Ducky jumped out of his tank and I found him before he died, but sadly his fins got a bacterial infection shortly after and I did everything I could to cure him, but it wouldn't stop, so I guess it was meant to be.

His death was almost perfect because my mom found him in his tank (which I lowered the water and it was easier for him to get air) laying on his side thinking he had passed but after some crying I turn to look at Ducky and he was struggling to get up so I scooped him up raised his head slightly above the water and that's when he took his last breath.

I'm glad my little Ducky took his last breath in my hands. I love you my little angel.rsz_1rsz_duck_awesome.jpg 

I am in tears now I guess this is all I'm going to write. ducky duck duck.jpg
Ben Kuchler
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so sorry about your fish, sounds like he had a long life for his type so you did well taking care of him!
Just know you were a good owner and it is great you have this love in your heart for a creature
sorry for your loss
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I'm so sorry for your loss, Ducky is so very cute! Your post was very touching and the way he passed in your hands, that touched my heart. Bless you for taking care and giving so much love to one of God's creatures, who in turn gave you his love completely. The grief can be difficult and vary's somewhat with the individual, everyone here can relate and understand your loss. We all miss our dear little friends, but we will see them again one day. Bless you.
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