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The car wouldn't start after my husband dropped off Happy's body at the crematory. He waited two hours for the tow company to tow it away. In the throws of sadness I thought it was a sign that Happy doesn't want to be there and be cremated or worst he is mad at us. I was very distraught at the thoughts.

Days went by and as my pain started to settle a bit I thought it was Happy's way of telling me, he didn't want to leave us and that he misses us, too.


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This is hard for me, I have tears rolling down my cheeks reading everyone's replies. My husband said Scooter would say I love you Mama and I'm okay! I hope this is true. I'm afraid he would say...why did you put me to sleep? I know there is nothing that could be done, he was bleeding internally(spleen ruptured) but he was healthy the day before. I just miss him so much.

Thanks for posting this, you have me thinking.

Jonancy...Scooters Mama
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