If you struggling with depression or going thru a tuff time in your life maybe trying to seek spiritual help would help you like it helped me , sometimes I feel hopeless and with no purpose of life in times like those I just remember there some one i can count on and seek for the way of life and happiness. Everyone is important in this life even you , God loves us all and we have a IMPORTANT part to play. I'm asking you to give him a try and give it a try let him come into your life. Give him all your problems and watch him give you all the answers and solutions for you. I promise it won't disappoint you 😊. Yet you dont have nothing to loose but alot to gain.Get your happiness and life back on track and enjoy a life full of joy under his love and care. The first step I took was to find a church, the moment i first step inside I shed tears and a huge weight was lifted of my back. Don't be hopeless and unhappy when there's so much to life to live for. Regardless of what you going thru no situation no matter how bad it seems it ain't bigger than you and him . Your strong yet you will over come it as long as you try. God needs you just as you need him so make the first step to your happiness 😊
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