It's 12:45am and I am crying ugly tears. I am trying so hard to not just burst out into an ugly sob.

My nana's cat went missing about four weeks ago. I thought it was over, I thought I would get over it by now, I thought I would come to the realization that we're not going to find him. But I am angry, I am livid, I am disgusted by my entire family's actions regarding the beloved feline. They're the ones that caused him to go missing, they're the ones who cut him from the tree, they're the ones who treated the fact that he was missing as a joke, they're the ones who are now discussing their now wonderful "future of travelling" without the cat around, and they're the ones who DIDN'T GET HIM MICROCHIPPED. The cat will come to my call, so they dragged ME out here for several days, let ME have to keep my emotions in and pretend to cope with humor, let ME reminice about all the fond memories I had with the cat... But I'M not ALLOWED to comment about how stupid they were being without having to sprinkle some uneeded and completely undeserved compassion and empathy in my sentences. I can't take it anymore. I feel sick, the crying is neverending, and so far my gradmothers "messages from god" have done nothing but send us on a wild goose chase. I hope I can visit the cats at the adoption center on sunday to get my mind off this...
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Dear Ryley,

I am so so sorry to learn of your cat missing. There are numerous other members here who are dealing with the same sad, worrisome and frustrating situation. And there are countless others who come here, to this forum where it is safe and hallowed ground for those who loved their pet(s). We understand EXACTLY how you feel and what you are experiencing with your relatives. Consider us your new family. You are welcome here and you are among many friends. People who are kind, compassionate, empathetic, sincere and caring.

Kind regards,
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