I thought of this today..... while remembering my Sydney, who I lost 2 months ago.
If I had it my way....I would've given you my heart...
If I had it my way....I would've spent every penny to get you better
If I had it my way....I would've given you one last kiss
If I had it my way....I would've held you closer
If I had it my way....I would've given you one more treat
If I had it my would still be here with me

And for those who have told me to move was just a dog, if I had it my way, you would understand.

But I will never change my decision to send you to Rainbow Bridge.

I love you Sydney
I love you Sydney
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yes, it would be nice to have all the things about our dogs, but I agree, I would still have made the descion I did, it was with love, and in Her best interest. She is no longer suffering.

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Very beautifully said.  Yes, I think we all long more time.  We will have that time someday, but, goodness, we wish we could have it now! 

How sad for those who tell you it was only a dog.  They sure have missed out on something so special in life.  Quite honestly, I never had a dog before Scottie and I never knew.  I was never so cold or cruel or heartless to anyone.  I understood that they loved their animal.  But, I NEVER could have imagined the depths of pain and sadness and how much you miss them until I experienced it for myself.  I just didn't know but now I do.  The whole experience of having that great love and losing it, opened my heart in new ways I never imagined.  Still hurts a lot but I'm a better person, as I'm sure we all are, because of the love we shared with these great, wonderful babies.   I feel sad for those who still don't have a clue what they are missing.
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Beautifully said.  

Kudo and Nico's mom
Karen,Kudo and Nico's mom
Earth mom to Marco and Bella
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