I lost my best friend of 9 years at 14 YO suddenly Tuesday.

It it occurred to me today that as brutal as this grieving process is, if this is the price I have to pay to have shared 8 years of love and life with my Woof dog then I will willing pay this price.  I will not only tolerate this emptiness, the tears, and this broken heart but I would willingly do it again in if I could spend more time with him. 

These handsome animals that give nothing but love and compassion are well worth the price of a broken heart and would never intentionally want us to have to endure the pain of grieving their loss. 

I know many are going through the same thing please realize that they are worth it.

Till I hug him again.
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I agree with you 100%.  Now just wait for your heart to soften a bit (woof dog will do that).  And when you find yourself smiling (finally) know that; that is a sign from Woof to you!!!
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Jsin, I am sorry you lost your best friend. I lost my best friend of 7 years suddenly as well on 7/25. He was my handsome golden named Chase but then I renamed him Tony, that's when he was good! I agree with everything you've said. I wouldn't have changed a thing. He taught me so much and gave me unconditional love and loyalty. I hope you find some peace during this diffucult time. We are all here for you!
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