It is now 2 years and 3 months since my beloved Coopie passed. I still cry whenever I think of him or see some another dog that reminds me of him. People used to suggest that I get another dog, but, I think they realize that that is not going to happen.  I am 70 years old and I cannot go through this again. I know my Coopie waits for me on the other side. We were inseparable. We went everywhere together, even vacations. The pain of losing him is still in my heart. Am I unusual in not being able to recover from his loss. Frankly, I've lost quite a few friends over the years, but, none have affected me like losing my beloved companion. Am I unusual, or are there others who don't get over losing their "best friend."
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I think as we get older it gets more difficult to get over the loss of our "best friends".  Being over 60 now, I am finding it really difficult to get over the loss of my Dax, just five weeks ago, today.

It may be that as we get older we get to the point where we may not out live our pets.  They start to serve as a reminder of our own mortality.

Then again, it could simply be we allow ourselves to get closer to them as we get older as more and more of our own friends and family members pass away.

I really have no answer.  Just speculating.
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You only think you are training them.  When they are gone, you finally get it.
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You're not alone. It will be 4 years since Jamie passed, and I still tear up from time to time. When we have such a bond with a special one, there's really no "getting over it". Just learning to live without them. I know it isn't easy to do, just hold on to the good memories as much as you can.

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Ana Marie, I am so sorry for your loss of Coopie.  And are not unusual.  I don't think we truly ever get over the losses of our beloved pets.  I lost a schnauzer about 9 years ago and I still cannot talk about him to anyone without crying.  I lost my Cali almost 6 weeks ago and although I hate to admit it, her loss affected me more than the loss of my parents.  I guess because you expect aged parents to pass and not so much a 7 year old dog.  I have two other dogs that I love dearly, but Cali was special.  I know I will have to go through the loss of these two at some point but then I want no more.  My husband's sister is trying to get us to take her Golden Retriever because she is moving to town and doesn't have room for her, and although we said we would if she gets along with our other two, I would really prefer not to.  It just plain hurts too bad losing them.  Grief has no time table and I think some losses are just never gotten over.  My thoughts are with you.
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My heart goes out to you for the loss of your Coopie
I also believe there is no getting over, only maybe adjusting to a new normal and routine
When one has that special bond , there is no breaking it , only maybe stretching it until one can be reunited one day
That is my fervent hope

Bee- "Good night sweet prince & flights of angels see thee to thy rest"
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I'm so sorry for your loss Coopie's mom.  You are not unusual.  I am 58 and have lost many pets over the years, but none affected me like losing my Dali 6 months ago.  She was my daughter, my heart, my life and I will never get over her.  I cry everyday and will never get another furbaby.  I searched for the "right" furbaby for almost a year before I found her.  I knew the moment I saw her when she was 2 weeks old.  She left suddenly, very suddenly without a chance for me to tell her goodbye.  And I never will.  I look at each day as one day closer to my Dali.  I just remember the love and joy and happiness I was given for 12 1/2 years, the best of my life.  I am changed forever and see the world and life/death far differently now.  No, you are not alone....

Dali, as much a daughter as any human...  pure love
Until we meet again

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Dear AnaMarie,

 Your not alone, I still miss my cat Luigi every day of my life! I had to force myself to stop thinking about him because every time I did I would just cry and cry.
It still hurts ALOT.
I understand & I'm so sorry your going through this too.

I really believe that God has them in his safe keeping until we meet them again.
Time and space is only a construct of this earth.

Take care!
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