my cat had to be put down unexpected Wednesday morning he was around 14 months and showed up at my house about 9 months ago as a stray to eat my other outdoor cats food and he was all skinned up so I took him in and doctored him up and grew a amazing bond with him. He was a black cat but in the sun some part of him were a red brown and he has the softest meow even when he got out of his older kitten stages he still had the softest cutest meow that would always make me smile. I gave him the name moonie because I'd always sit outside with him in the moonlight for hours and he'd just lay there next to me in the moonlight. around December there was a hole on his side that would leak puss and I thought someone in my neighborhood had shot him with a bb gun because people have done that before to strays or thought top be strays so I had my dad try and help me feel around to see if there was a bb still in his side and there wasn't so we doctored him up again and it healed and then would reopen for three weeks and after a while we took him to the vet and they ran test and we found out he had feline leukemia and it made the hole become a infection and they did surgery and everything was fine afterwards he healed. but about three weeks ago my mother saw him laying in the sun not moving and he didn't respond until she touched him so we brought him inside to get him out of the heat thinking his leukemia was flaring up making him tired but after about a week of him being inside I saw a lump on his side and soon after that day it popped and a hole reappeared we tried to clean it and keep him fed and had plently of water but after about another week we took him to the vet (that was on Tuesday)  and they said the infection came back and they wanted to keep him over night to give him fluids and that we could pick him up the next morning to decided what we wanted to do next and so I went home and prepared for his return cleaned my room so he could sleep on my bed to be more comfortable, bought soft cat food and chicken for him, and other thing to make him happy. I woke up the next morning to my mother saying the vet called and said that test came back and he had cancer and it spread to his bones and that there was really no chance they could help with how deep it was and how far along it was so we had to put him down. my soul was and has been crushed since then this cat was my whole world I spent all the time I could with him he was always there for me when I struggled with my depression just to lay in bed with me all day. He would watch tv with me and lay on me when I cried and when I would try on new clothes he would always watch and meow once I was done with a outfit almost as if he was telling me I looked good. Since we buried him I kept his collar and the bells and tags still make me smile but also sad because you could always hear him coming to greet you or when he'd walk into the room and now whenever I lay on my bed and the movement makes it make noise I cry because the first thing that comes to my head is "Oh moonie is coming to lay down with me". I haven't lost a pet since I was in middle school but I've never had this type of bond with a pet he felt like a human to me and all my friends don't understand the connection I had with him but hopefully it'll get better with time I just miss him but I'm glad he's no longer in pain.

Thank you to anyone who reads all this I know it's a lot but I needed to get it out somewhere but again thank you <3




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I'm so sorry for your loss. I believe you did the best thing for your fur baby, it was out of love. Think of it ..he's no longer in pain ,and he loved you as much as you loved him. My baby Pixie,  passed away  a month ago today and I miss her so much!! There's always that want and emptiness ,that we have to learn to live with..  I wish I could take your pain away, but all I can do for you is keep you in my prayers.  Take good care of yourself, it's ok to grieve.  Let it out, that's the natural way to healing.
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Dear Sara,

I am so saddended and deeply sorry for the loss of your beloved Moonie. I am however very, very glad that you took him in when you did and showed him love, affection, adoration and comfort for all the remaining days of his life. You made him part of your family and you showed him that he was important. You gave him purpose by responding to him the way that you did. All cats should be so blessed.

It is hard to believe that on the street and in the wild an average life span for a cat on the low end is only 2 years. How can this be? 

Thank you for enriching "Moonie's" life for as long as you did and for trying to take care of him as best you could. During his short life he knew that he was loved and cherished. I am happy that he became your "Spirit Animal".

My kindest regards & sincerest condolences,
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What a beautiful cat!  He was so lucky to have found his soul mate and have a responsible owner take such great care for him!! 
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