My dear sweet Wiggles passed away last Thursday night. She died alone while I was sleeping. Before I went to bed I noticed she was acting different. Usually she likes her own space but that night she kept coming up to my bed. Also she was trying to Vomit. I noticed that and did my best to comfort her till she stopped trying to vomit. I figured she was ok but I feel a shame that I was also concerned about the cost of taking her to my local pet ER and them telling me nothing wrong with her, charging my 200 for the visit and sending me home. I decided to go to bed. When I woke up I saw a trail of blood going to the bathroom and to my horror I found her dead. Blood had come out of her anus. Her eyes were open and her tounge was sticking out. I still can't get the aweful image out of my mind. I'm not sure what caused her to die but am having my vet do an necropsy to find out.

I'm so mad at myself and don't think I can forgive myself. I'm also convinced there isn't an after life which makes this so much harder to deal with. She was only 10 and should have lived to at least 15. She was in pain and died alone. If it was her time to die I wish I could have had her euthanized so she wouldn't have been in pain and I could have said good bye
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope the autopsy brings you some kind of peace. There's no " set time" for how long our pets should live. Of course we want as many years as possible but that doesn't happen all the time.

I'm not sure knowing the cause of death would make the grieving process any easier. But, if that's what you need I'm glad you are moving forward with it.

I'm so sorry for your loss.
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It's something we all do as pet owners and parents- we have to make a decision if it is worth going to the ER or not if it is nothing. I once didn't take my son to the doctor and turns out he had a broken collar bone! I'm sure all parents have similar stories. It sounds like your dog had something very severe and I would think it was too late even if you did bring her in.  She seemed okay when you went to sleep.

Sometimes our dogs and cats have these stomach upsets that are absolutely nothing at all, certainly not worth an ER visit. You just were not getting enough indication that she was so very sick.   If you had seen blood or anything really unusual you certainly would have taken her in!

I want you to not feel guilty because you did what any other human would have done. It only would make sense to go to the Pet ER in the middle of the night if your pet had some dire symptoms and wanting to vomit is not a dire symptom. I think she was showing you a little stomach upset, not that she was so very ill.

try to forgive yourself, you are only human and you made a logical decision.

Im very sorry for your loss. Try to hang in there! Come to this thread if you need any help. Hugs to you.
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I absolutely agree with lisaandy above. Please don't blame yourself. Sometimes we just don't know what is the right thing to do, but you know in your heart you would have taken him if you had seriously thought something was wrong. Sending you love💗
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If only they could talk.
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