I thought I’d experience more life with you, I never imagined you’d pass away. You always seemed invincible to me. 

My best friend, Carmen, passed away last month. I never expected it. I was a lonely child, at 13 and her presence in my life was one I cherished. We quickly became inseparable. 

She was with me through so much. From the nervousness of high school to my moves from new homes. She was my rock when I went through my abusive relationship as a teen and my sleepy buddy before bed. She’d always wait to fall asleep for the night, she wouldn’t until I was tucked in and cuddling her so we’d fall asleep together. 

Her favorite things in the world were definitely her walks and her treats. The excitement she’d get when her leash would be put on and her little legs trying to run as fast as she can. The way she’d sneak into her treats to get extra hoping I wouldn’t notice. How she loved to sunbathe and role in the grass, I regret not letting her sunbathe for longer in her final days. 

I know she’s not hurting anymore, the cancer isn’t taking her over anymore. She lived a good 12 years, loved and cared for. She’s in a place now where she’s free of pain and suffering. Where she has endless treats and grass to run. Where she can meet up with her parents finally. 

And even though I know she’s in a better place now, I miss her. I selfishly wish I could see her one last time. Kiss her forehead and tell her I love her again. Put her favorite sweater on and go for a walk. But I can’t and I never will be able to again. 

And I miss her. I really do. If anyone reads this, thank you. I know Carmen appreciates another person knowing of her life and I appreciate you reading my feelings. Thank you. 

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Carmen will carry on loving you...she will not be far away.

Remember all the lovely and joyful times you spent together...they are so priceless.

Love Ellen x
Ellen Hague
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Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry about your little Carmen. It sounds like you two were best friends💞and that Carmen had a wonderful loving home which is so important.  It's so hard when we lose our loyal companions, but you're right it's better they are not in pain.  Love never dies and you'll always have the beautiful memories of her and how she was by your side through those tough times. They always make it better.  Thank you for sharing sweet Carmen with us.  Sending you very big hugs. 💖
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I’m so sorry for your loss.  My beautiful Pecan my true soulmate and best friend of 9 years passed away unexpectedly 4 months ago and I miss her dearly.  Please be kind to yourself and give yourself time to grieve and heal.  I’m praying for you.  
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Carmen. She sounded like such a sweet girl. What a best friend! I'm sure she knows how much you love and miss her. I truly believe she's with you in spirit. And like you said, "She’s in a place now where she’s free of pain and suffering. Where she has endless treats and grass to run. Where she can meet up with her parents finally." One day you will meet again. Please know that I hear you and I think what you wrote is a beautiful tribute to Carmen. Sending you healing light.💖 ~ Jennifer 
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Thank you all for the sweet words, they really helped to read, they really meant a lot to me. I wish you all the best. 🤍🤍
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Carmen.  I lost my beloved Mickey 3 weeks ago. He was also 12 and had cancer. I feel the same way you do. All I can do now is hope to heal so that I will be able to remember Mickey with love and sorrow and sadness, not wild grief and tears.
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