I picked up William's ashes today at my vet's office and I was really dreading it.  I have been praying that I would get a sign that everything was going to be okay and if I get another dog, do I get another golden or something different?  My vet also boards animals. When I walked into the vets office I saw the urn sitting there I had ordered and I couldn't believe my eyes.  Sitting right in front of the urn was a golden retriever that was being boarded.  The dog came up to me and loved on me and she sniffed the urn. I felt like it was a sign from William that he was okay, and if I get another dog, it should be a golden.  I couldn't believe that golden was in front of that urn.  Of all the dog breeds that could have been there, it was a Golden.  It couldn't believe it.  When I walked out with William's ashes I felt a peace.  Am I nuts?

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I don't think you're nuts at all.  I know you're not.  It sure sounds like a sign to me.  You're right.  Of all the many different breeds of dogs, a Golden Retriever was right there in front of you.  I believe, as many others have said on this forum, that our babies do want us to love another again.  They want us to be happy and not sad and to find peace.  It's easier said than done, that's for sure.  I'd be willing to bet my life that was a sign from William!


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Picking up your babies ashes is like losing your pet all over again sometimes. I believe that our loved ones bring us to where we need to be. Who wouldnt love a Golden?  But that this happened, in this way, I believe it was a sign. Its strange, because I cant hardly think about another lab, feels like betrayal. But somehow, I keep picturing a golden in my future. My sis had one that was the love of her life, and a joy to all who shared her life. Ive had many dogs, but never a golden. With all these thoughts, I wonder if my man is telling me that there is a golden who needs my love. If I find him or her, I think I will know it. I personally think you are meant to find another, who wont be William, but will be a loving friend for you to share to the love you so obviously have. Good luck with the journey!
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I would treasure your sign from his name :) take comfort with his ashes. I was dreading getting maddie's too, but now love having them nearby.
Let yourself do some healing, and the right time will present itself. prayers are with you.  Judy
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Well, how clever William is to send you a sign at such an important moment.  You might be the first person I've run across on this website to pick up your furbaby's ashes and walk out with a sense of peace.  Most of us fall apart!  So, William really gave you quite a wonderful gift, I think!  He knew what would give you comfort.  And to think the golden came up to you and loved on you and sniffed the urn! 
Several of my neighbors have Goldens.  I tell you they rave about how much they love them.  They just have such great personalities.   Surely, when the time is right and the right one appears, I think you will certainly know it!  It seems that William will make sure of that! 
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