Lately..since losing my sweet Labrador Bella on Febaury 1st 2013
all I could think of was her illl,her sick,her dying or dead

but acouple of days ago a diffrent kind of memory came back
a happy one
of me and her sitting on the porch....enjoying each other
ever since then
I remeber park trips
her splashing in the lake
me and her running in the wind
doing agility
just having good fun

It is a amazing..but confusing feeling
why is it all coming back 4 months later? like it just happened yesterday?

Do you think I was subconsiusly shutting out Bella? but im finally letting it all back in?

My most recent happy thought was
"her death does not define me and her..her life does"

what do you think? do I finally have a breakthrough of foggy memories and gray skies?
R.I.P sweet beautiful Bella
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I am looking forward to the day that I can enjoy a happy memory of my boy.  I think you have made a wonderful breakthrough - when you can remember your beautiful girl and the happiness you shared.  Knowing that it does come gives me some comfort.
Thomas Cat
In our lives 14/4/2009 - 18/05/2013
In our hearts forever
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So sorry for your loss of Bella. grief comes in waves, and sometimes it's worse than other times. After the initial pain there will be times that you remember the fun stuff, and when I did with my Maddie, it sure made me smile, and feels so blessed for all the good times...
Sometimes at the beginning, it's just too painful to think of the good times, because any rememberances like that, bring so much time passes, more and more of the good times will be there.
4 months is a very short time in the healing time, but it's definitely a breakthrough to be able to go to the happier times.
I read someehre...don't let sorrow erase the joy, and that really helped me, but whatever we feel is okay...Blessings to you...Judylinn
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The joy, the life, the fun, the laughter....and the pain and sadness too -are all parts of that great big love we share with them. It's not just one thing not just the other's everything. And it's all ONE thing....LOVE.
But the love is what counts X
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

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Misty's life after death:
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Thanks everyone!

yes love is the greatest of anything!

I think my puppy Panda has speed up the healing process
agian thanks so much!

any stories you want to share?
R.I.P sweet beautiful Bella
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