It snowed the first snow of the year the evening after he passed on. He was mostly white with black spots, so I can’t help but see him everywhere. I talk to him outside every day now...I don’t know what else to do 😞💔
You were always watching me, even through your last moments, and I ache to turn around and see you again near me.

I miss you with all that I am.

I miss you following me around the house and always sitting next to me no matter where I was, even when you started to have trouble getting around.

I miss our routine of you patting my head and licking me in the morning to get me up and feed you.

I miss how you’d always lay on our phones, all of the remotes, and the keyboard. Now when we lose them, they’ll be harder to find.

I miss how aggressively snuggly you were, and how you would always sleep on my chest with your head on mine or nested in the nook of my neck when I was down.

I miss you constantly asking for a piece of every food I ever bought or made.

I miss the walks we would go on together, and how the only time you ever hissed or growled at me was when I was ushering you back home as if to say, “don’t tell me what to do mom!”.

I miss how your paws would always reach out to me, and pet me back. Thank you for doing that subtly in your last moments, even though you were so weak and it probably took all of your strength to do so. I noticed and felt your love, and I will never forget that.

Thank you for everything. I love you more than I can describe, more than I thought was possible.

Please, please find your way back to me someday. ❤️
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I was extremely touched by your post.  It has been a week tonight since I lost my friend - my cat Gracie.  Like you - I miss the little things.  Sitting on my lap at every opportunity.  Laying on me when I was on the floor watching TV.  Being at the door when we came home.  I also miss the night snack we had together....a couple of pieces of white cheddar popcorn - she loved it!

I have not layed on the floor watching TV since she died - I had my wife throw out the popcorn.  I won't be eating it anytime soon.

I share this because I want you to know - you are not alone in your grief.  This forum is a great way to talk to people.  It helps.

I am trying to focus on the special time we had.  I can tell from you post - the relationship the two of you had was special.  You gave her a wonderful home - and she made a difference in your life.  How lucky you both were!  I love your photos.

You will not forget.....but at some point...the memories will give you a smile instead of a tear.  It will take time.

I do believe we will see our friends again.  Maybe Gracie has a new friend at the Rainbow Bridge!

I pray that you find peace.


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"I also miss the night snack we had together....a couple of pieces of white cheddar popcorn..."

Aah, that brings back memories of my Diego. He too, loved white cheddar popcorn. SkinnyPop.

Like you said, "...the memories will give you a smile instead of a tear."

I, too, believe that we will be reunited with our beloved pets. I have the ashes of two dear cats. When I die, my Will will state that I want my ashes commingled with theirs, then scattered somewhere sunny and warm.

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