Hello my sweet Cassie Cat,
I wonder where you are and how you are doing.  Mama hopes you are happy.  I am amazed at how my heart is handling the grief of loosing you.  It's been 16months and my heart still aches for you. I don't cry uncontrollably neither do you come to me in bed to cuddle anymore. At first I thought I was going out of my mind.  Then I realized you were just lost and missing me too.  
I have your picture on my nightstand.  I look at it and wish I could hold you in my arms one more time. My mind so many times goes back to the sweet days I held you like a baby.( I realize now I loved you like the baby I never had) 
I guess after spending 15 wonderful years with you.  You are embedded in my heart and memories.
I am honored to love and remember you for the rest of my life.

I guess the heart wants what it wants.....I want to hold, cuddle and kiss you ONE MORE TIME

Baby Girl I hope you can feel my love
I miss you.

Beatrice Eaton
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