6mo Is NOT LONG enough for his LIFE.
I think i may NEED HELP the pain hurts so BAD Not seeing him anymore..
Im selfish in saying I REALLY NEED HIM BACK PLEASE.
He stole our Hearts this little kitten DID.
Why DID YOU go away? When we loved YOU SO MUCH.
Mom n Dad

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I’m sorry about your kitten, no, 6 months was not long enough. In those short months you shared a bond full of love and I’m sure many memories of a sweet playful kitten. You’re not selfish to want him back, you’re normal. Everyone of us wants our special baby back, everyone of us understands the pain you’re feeling, it’s intense and hurts like hell. Keep writing about him, about what happened, about your feelings, it helps, it really does. You will find soo many kind compassionate people, just like you, grieving. Your feelings are normal, you loved like crazy, now you’re hurting like crazy. Read what others write. If you feel you need to talk to someone, in person than do so. Try to find someone who understands animal grief. Not all understand the heavy grief that follows the loss of a beloved pet. For now, be extra kind to yourself, take care of you
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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I'm so sorry and know that pain. I lost my sweet boy around two months ago and miss him so much too. My best fur friend.
Take care and you're not alone.
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