My cat, Luna, died about 7-8 years ago. Even though I was young when she passed and she was a semi-antisocial cat, I still loved her. I still think about her and I miss her a lot because she was such a calm and sweet cat. I don't remember ever dreaming about her until last night. Last night, in my dream, I walked into my bathroom, and there she was, in the corner, laying down. The thing is, in the dream, I was absolutely shocked because I knew that she was dead and I sat down next to her to pet her, then soon she got up and literally disappeared! I ran to my sister (still in the dream of course) and told her "I saw Luna!" and brought my sister to my bathroom and again, Luna was laying there in the corner... this time a kitten that looked like a baby version of my cat now, Ash, was there. Luna disappeared again but the kitten was still there and I picked it up thinking it'd fade away too, but it didn't. After that, I remember waking up and that's about it.

That dream felt different like Luna was really there. Could this be Luna trying to reach out to me? Or is it just my subconscious mind? Please be honest.

Also in the back of my mind, I was thinking, what if that was a sign that
A. I'm going to see that kitten and adopt it soon
B. What if Ash has Luna's soul?

But those sounded silly to me... I really don't know much about this topic.
Breland L.
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Dear brelandl1, 

I don't know much about cat afterlife or if they visit us in our dreams. However, perhaps this dream was a symbolic way to get some closure over the lost of Luna ? Maybe, it is a way to move on and let another pet into your heart ? So many little baby fur are in need of love and affection. Perhaps, this could be Luna's legacy ? A way to honor her presence in this world ?

Sending you love and best wishes xox
Avy Sparkles
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