my cat passed away this morning. i really miss him and wish i would have spent more time with him. i haven't really stopped crying and ive been trying to convince myself im ok but im not. he has been in my life since before i was born and has been the only constant good thing in my life. i feel like a piece of me is missing. he was my best friend and i miss him so much. I don't know what i am going to do without him, he was always there for me when i was stressed and im transitioning into a new school soon and im scared that im not going to have anyone to help me like he did. he was my best friend and i need help coping. i just want to talk to someone and tell them about him because i think it would help.
  • Lizzie 
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I am so sorry. I know the pain, and it’s awful. prayers for comfort being sent your way. 🙏
Linda A.
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