I haven't been on for awhile,  but yesterday I purchased a Memorial for Skittles for 2 years.  I visited the other memorials,  and I'm very sorry for everyone's loss.  Everyone on here really has given me a sense of relief.
The grief comes and goes with time,  but I didn't know if anyone else has dreams of their pets after they've passed.
When she shows up in my dreams,  she looks healthy.  
I've been working from home for about 2 months due to the virus,  and it's very quiet,  no distractions,  and I think of her.
I met the individual I've been dating thru work,  and we don't see each other daily.  We talk nightly.  He has 2 little chihuahua boys.  The short haired one is 'Lil Buddy'  a little over 3 years old,  and his brother (long-haired) is Baby Baxter.  Just over a year old.  They think I'm their Mamma.  I miss Skittles, and many ask if I'll get another pet.  At this time,  I feel like I'd be betraying her.  
I really enjoy the support this site provides.
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