Hello all. 
I lost my dear one Friday November 8 2019. He was 17 but it was sudden- about a week of demise and then euthanasia. Tonight I attended the candle lighting ceremony and that really helped. I realized tonight as I am missing his cuddles, that he is somewhere missing me too. He is in the afterlife, of spirit now, and missing my touch as much as I am missing his. I picture him reunited with all his ancestors. 😉 
What is remembered, lives. xoxoMaple
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Dear Maple, I’m sorry for your loss! Your dear one is at peace now. Grieving is so hard but remember that he is fine now. It takes time as it’s a process and not something you’ll get over in a few days or weeks but it will get better as time goes on. I hope you can share more when you’re up to it. Hugs to you!
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