I'm now realizing the pet lovers that I thought were close to me are wore out from me talking about being sad from my loss.
I can't help the waves,  and she was with me for over 18 years,  and she was a part of me.
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I know how you feel. Noone understands the deep bond and love we have for our furbabies. Sometimes I still can't believe my baby is gone. It will be 6 mths tommorow. It's like a piece of us is missing. I'm thankful for this site.
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I feel that way, too.
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I have also experienced this..I think that some people may feel at a loss for words & don't know what to say or do - what u are still feeling is completely normal as you had a bond with your furbaby & feel a need to talk, reminisce & express your love for your beloved pet. I always feel the need to do this & it is healthy, a natural part of the healing process & a way of keeping their memory alive. We on this forum are with you. 18 years is a very long time & please continue to express your love for your pet. I had a sad day today. It is my birthday but I felt sad that my Daisy is no longer here for it. There are lots of 1sts. 

Daisy's mummy
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I’m in the same boat. I went searching online for a forum to help with my grief because those closest to me made me feel as if I should be fine by now. It’s only been 3 weeks and I miss my sweet Oreo every second I’m awake.
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  I know exactly what you mean. I experienced the exact same thing. When my beloved dog passed last September, I had lots of support. Now, (8) months later, that support has dried up. Human beings can be very accommodating, compassionate and caring - but it doesn't last forever. After a while we're supposed to "get over it" and "move on"  I never subscribed to that theory. I had my dog for (18) years and I want to embrace those memories, which means, of course, I need to talk about it. This Forum is a wonderful place to articulate how you feel about your furbaby. It's OK to cry, grieve, yell, scream, etc. to help deal with the pain. We're all here for you. Just let it out. We understand.

Warmest regards,
Jim Miller
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I totally agree and I think the people in my life are mostly worried about me, but sometimes it also feels that they want me to 'snap out of it'.  My husband is the only person that I feel understands and feels the grief I feel, which I suppose is understandable because Quincy was our fur baby. I still cry to one degree or another every single day and its been 8 weeks since we had to say goodbye.  Quincy was an integral part of our lives for 11 yrs and life feels too quiet, empty and sad without him.  I have even started therapy because I am not handling the loss well at all.
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We are people who knew and loved a "Spirit Animal" or more than one. We are very blessed and fortunate to have known such love in during our lifetime, and our lost beloveds KNEW how much we absolutely adored, loved and cherished them.

In my case, I gave up speaking about my loss to those I know very early on. Like 1 week after, as I knew they did not understand the level of my grief. And I just couldn't handle their looks of not understanding and not wanting to speak about it any further. So I landed here on this forum. And I thank God for coming across it when I did. We are all comrades in spirit here.

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Me too. I'm so sorry your friends don't understand the depth of your loss. It's like we've been shot through the heart but there's no hospital we can go to to make it feel better, and we just keep on living and pretending as if nothing is wrong. There have been many moments that I have been so angry with the people around me for not wanting to talk about this loss, and there's no point telling myself that it's dumb because it's absolutely not dumb, and we all have unconditional tenure to miss those lost children forever.
Here are some lyrics from a song I listen to when I'm sad called "Cry If You Want To": 

You can stare at the ceiling, tear at your hair
You can swallow your feelings, stagger and swear
You can show things, throw things and I wouldn't care.
You can cry if you want to.

I am thinking of you,

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