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I put my girl down on Friday May 31st. My heart is many do I go.on?

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I'm very sorry for your loss KE.  Nobody will ever doubt your love for your Ginger, we do what we have to do and we live with the pain so they don't have to.  I know how hard it is.  I go on, but it will never be the same.  Take it day by day and cry as much as you need, there is nothing wrong with that.  People here know exactly how you feel, you are not alone in your grief.  Wishing you strength in your healing process.


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You are heart broken because you loved Ginger so much.  The more we loved them, the harder the loss is.  I am so sorry for your loss and all of the pain you are going through.  What you are experiencing unfortunately is normal. There is no way to skip through the grieving part when we lose our precious  fur babies.   Take care of yourself and don't expect to be able to do all of your normal activities right now.  Everyone in this group understands your grief and is here for you whenever you want to writing about your feelings, more about Ginger or whatever you wish to write about.

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I am sorry for your loss KE.

At times I feel as if I am going completely mad. I have to steady myself to try and keep sane. The World seems like only a dismal place for me now. As others have posted / said here "living now is like drudgery." I've lost 10 to 12 friends and my sister the past couple of decades, but losing my cat "Marmalade" hit me harder than any of their losses, no disrespect to each of them. But he was my World. He saved my life and kept me company through horrific times. When all seemed lost. 

All that I can recommend which we all seem to be doing is to continue to travel through time. And hope that you heal-up and predominately remember all the good times you had with your beloved. God bless & take care. Be gentle with yourself. 
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