To my little punk,
Well i am still awaiting your ashes. I don't know what's taking so long. I feel like it might give me closure. A chance to say goodbye. I wish i would have known i would never see you again when i left for vacation.
Really in some strange strange way i think i did know. Why would i leave you with Billie instead of home with your Mojo and kitties?
Why would i tell Billie what i wanted if something happened to you? I told you before i left you that night "don't make me come home and get a new dog"
I know you left the very next day.

You seemed fine. I know you didn't feel good. I know you were tired but all seemed well. I would have never left if you were sick. I would have never done that. I really really hope you know i would have stayed. I am sorry i was not there. I miss you so much and i need to say goodbye. It's killing me. I hurt so bad.
When i go to Billie's i have to pass that last spot i saw you. Man i wish i would have kissed you one more time. I remember that night when i took you for a walk (our last walk together) and we got surprised by the sprinklers coming on....poor baby.... we got all wet....
So i had to get a new dog Vaggio...i named him Freddie Mercury. I wish you were here to teach him all he needs to know. I bet you would be annoyed by him....he would love you....
I wasn't ready for you to go. I want you to snort at me one more time. I want to see the min pin dance again. I am so lost without you. I just wish i could have said goodbye.

Love mom
The best petter in the whole wide world
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Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. My hubby and I left for vacation and both of our kitties had passed away by the time we returned. We are going to pick up their ashes and paw prints this Saturday. They’d been to the vet and their thyroid was under control and their bloodwork was good. It was just so unexpected and we did not get to hold them or comfort them as they passed. I wish I had known that it was the last night they’d sleep in their bed the night before we left. Like you, I think I had some inkling their time was getting close because I had this strange thought prior that any night might be the last night they sleep in our bed and cuddle with us.

I hope you get her closure you need. I am sure your baby is watching over your new companion.

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I'm so sorry for your loss.  We just lost our dog 4 days ago, it's so heartbreaking.
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