I haven't posted for a little while.
Chloe left us on 23June2016.The sweetest little girl you could ever hope to share your life with.
I am feeling so guilty at the moment because I feel I am not grieving as she deserves.
My 26yo son is in hospital waiting for a heart transplant and my mind feels like it just isnt working.
I wear her collar around my arm every day and talk to her constantly.I really could do with her cuddles right now.
Everyone we happen to talk to at the hospital talks about how excited they are when they are being discharged and get to go home and see their babies.
Life is so cruel sometimes.
Being without you takes a lot of getting used to.
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Dear TimTam,
I am so sorry for all you are going through. I understand what you mean about wishing you still had Chloe at home. I loved Monty so much and I think part of it was because he was always there for me too. Now when I have sad days I wish I could throw my arms around his neck but of course I can't. He passed on in May. I really hope your son will be okay! I love Chloe's picture. She really was a very beautiful little girl.
Take Care TimTam!!
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I'm so sorry TimTam. You have a lot of stress, grief and worry going on. I can't even imagine.

I will keep you and your son in my thoughts. I'm hoping he gets his transplant soon and all goes smoothly so he is on the road to recovery. 

Once your son is healing up, you will be able to grieve Chloe. She would completely understand that you are caught up in circumstances that are impossible to process at the moment so please don't blame yourself for not grieving as you think you should. You are doing the best that anyone could expect.
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Hugs to you, TT. Praying for your son. ..May the Lord watch over him as he gets the surgery and recovers smoothly. Your Chloe is soooo beautiful.....She v would understand that mommy is going thru so much. Please take care
Frosty Joy 5/14 - 7/16
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