I lost my best friend and apart of my heart at 10 this evening and I can't sleep.......
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It helps, at least to me, to put in words what you may be feeling, to express what your best friend meant to you.  This forum has many people who have lost a beloved pet/companion and have found many of us share a common bond.  The grief over our broken heart, a piece lost forever.  I still grieve over the loss of our Chihuahua, Vegas.  For sixteen years he has been a special companion, growing up with our now adult children.

Wish you well and to let you know we all have shared loss of sleep, grief, our best friend.
In your heart, they will always be there.

Vegas's Mom,
John & Renee
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So very sorry to hear of your loss.

I lost my best friend Taco December 21st.  Today makes exactly 3 weeks.  I know the pain of losing your best friend is excruciating.  I went through such horrible pain, and emotions those first few days and still do but it does lessen as it goes.  Just yesterday I was putting Taco's sweaters in a tote, and couldn't finish because the pain of losing him came back in full force.  I just had to lay down with his blanket, and cry it out for a while.  

It is very hard to lose our best friend.  A piece of my heart also died with Taco, and nothing will ever replace that.  

The only thing I can say that helps me to get through each day is the hope that I will see Taco in Heaven one day when it is my time.  

As Vegas's mom said it does help to write about how you feel about your beloved pet.  I've written poems for Taco, and keep a log of what I feel each day without him and it does help.  If I remember special things or he visits me in a dream I write all of that down.  I write like I am talking to him too, and still talk to him throughout the day as well just as if he was still here.  

Wishing you comfort during this difficult time.
Donielle Taco's Mom
*I love you forever my sweet Taco Beavy*
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It's two weeks today for me.

I hope you find peace very soon; we are here for you to talk to or express yourself.

My thoughts are with you.
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It is 2 weeks today for us as well and our farewell to our Beautifully perfect Stella has left a wound in me so deep, I can barely breathe. Please know that we stand with you in your grief and you have a safe place to express your feelings. Take one minute at a time, for that is all we can do. Our babies give us the purest form of love known and it takes courage to move through all of the feelings. Be kind to yourself.

((hugs)) Stella's mom
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Ohana 420 . I Understand your hurt and pain during this time! I lost my Trixie NOV 6th 2015 and am still crying. But If I never had found this great site I do not know what I would have done. I do know that we are here to talk to you any time, and we all gave our best LOVE to our furry friends and they are at that WONDERFUL RAINBOW BRIDGE! And we must look forward to meet them soon.
Lost my ANGEL Trixie 13 yr old Miniature Dachshund 9:45 am 11 -6 -15 she had a heart murmur and her little heart went out 1 hour after I rushed her to the vet, I knew something was wrong. I had just got her and her daughter MUNCKIN of 11 yrs teeth clean and all shots for the year. I took care of my babies better than some take care of their own children! I have been crying for 3 days and have never felt this kind of pain and sorrow?? I had to put her in my deep freezer until I decide to bury her or have her cremated and a funeral? She changed my life for the better she gave me a reason to live and love. The BOND WAS SO POWERFUL! Her face and image is burnt in my mind and I cant stop seeing her each morning I wake up with the sweet face and wagging tail  and barking for her morning biscuit. I am in so much pain seeing her daughter grief as well I am doing my best to spend time with her and love her they have never been apart.
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I'll be praying for you. The loss of a pet is a loss of a family member. Try to remember the good times and take comfort in knowing that you will see them again.
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To lost1: I love all dogs, but dachshunds are at the top of my list. I've owned a dachshund (sometimes several) since 1978. Right now I have one that looks a lot like your Trixie. I lost my heart, my Chester man, on 12/3/15. He was the same age as your Trixie and I had to put him to sleep because of kidney failure. He was so smart, funny and such a beautiful boy (red long haired) and I just loved him so very much. I know you miss your baby as I miss mine. I sometimes find my self actually getting angry over the fact that I'll never be able to hold him and kiss his sweet, graying face. I know exactly what you mean about the bond you had with Trixie. I talked to Chester all the time and he had so much sense that I think most of the time he knew exactly what I was saying. I don't think I ever passed by him that I didn't say something to him. Maybe your Trixie & my Chester are friends now at the Rainbow Bridge. I'd like to think so.I still have 3 other dogs which I love, but Chester just had that special place in my heart that could only be filled by him.
Chester's mom (Joan)
joan bartlett
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To Ohana420: I'm so sorry for your loss and you've come to the right place for care and understanding. Those first few weeks are so hard and that kind of pain will not be with you forever. It's been 6 weeks since I lost my Chester and I can so well remember thinking that I didn't think I could live with this grief,but it has gotten better. Still have those moments when I have to cry and still miss my baby so much.
I hope you find some peace in the coming days. Hugs and good thoughts.
Chester's mom (Joan)
joan bartlett
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You have come to the right place.  I feel just as you do.  The pain seems unbearable.  I lost my Molly 6 weeks ago and the wound is still so very fresh.  Nothing can take her place in my life.  I wish you only the best and hope your pain dulls with time.  That seems to be what everyone says, but seems impossible right now.  Just know that everyone here understands and is willing to comfort you.  I am so sorry you are going through the same thing I am.  Wouldn't wish this pain on anyone.  Take care.
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To Ohana 420 ,i too know how you are feeling it's 29 days since i had my girl put to sleep. I keep thinking i feel better that day but then something or someone reminds me and the cold clutch of what i have done grips me in the heart and the tears start again .

 We all here have lost our beloved pet and know how awful you feel. Will you feel better, yes with time or so others say for me it is still too fresh . I went today to see about getting my car valeted as Gemma  voided her bladder after she was gone and i was taking her to the crematorium , it's not a urine smell but a wet dog smell and everyday when i get in the car the memories start. I have bought air fresheners but can still smell her but even the thought of cleaning the car seems a betrayal to her.

Keep thinking of how much love and devotion you got from your friend and would they want you to feel as bad as we do , and hope that if there is an afterlife we do meet at the rainbow bridge .
Gemma's Daddy
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Dearest Griever, I know how it FEELS and if u need to call please do so at 407 729 4418 God Bless You
Vicki Mattingly 
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I am so sorry about your loss.

I lost my Tatoo on December 8 and the loss does not go away. It turns to different emotions and the same emotions. I find that by writing all the experiences and and things you did helps. Yes, you will be sad but there are many here who have experienced the same situations. And please feel free to comment to others about their loss as you know how it feels. I find that my loss still feels like yesterday. Yes, you can get lost in your work or other life situations, but then there are those moments where you think of those fond moments and the sad memories as well.

Life does change. I find that certain things I used to like to do are no longer interesting. I try to sleep longer and keep busy to use up that energy created by how he died. But there are many pauses where I think of Tatoo and what we used to do.

I see that you have only made one post. Please let us know about your friend and how you are doing.

"Fly Free My Little Too"
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