On July 8,I lost my one year old kitten to leukemia..I. had to test all my cats(7)-the results were negative.On august2, I had to put my 20 year old Japanese bobtail down due to melonoma.i sometimes feel like I'm doing ok BUT-next month (oct.)I have to re-test my herd ,and I have a 19 year old cat(actually a princess)who has squamous cell carcinoma on her nose.Is there any one out there who knows anything about this?She sees her vet,but I wonder if there is more I can do for her(treatments or to make her more comfortable)I learned the bitterest lesson from Robert(my kitten)that the universe doesn't care if you're extroidenary,your time is up when it is up.I'm so scared for my princess Eekamo,and trying not to become overwhelmed by terror thinking about next month.
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I’m sure Eekamo is an inside cat (princess) right? And I’m sure you know number one is no sun on that little nose. All of your babies have had their vaccinations throughout the yrs and I’m sure their immune system should be built up against fiv/flv
I know of no holistic approach to the squamous cell your girl has, you’re applying a cream from the Vet right? write a list of your questions so you won’t forget anything when u go in for testing, my thoughts are with u and your kitty’s,,,,,
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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