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I am so sorry for your loss of penny, I know how you are feeling right now,y ou feel like you are going to die and cant go on without her, that's exactly how I felt when my sweet Sadie girl passed away, its been almost 3 years now since she left me, and it does get better I promise but you will always miss her forever, I still cry sometimes for my Sadie girl, she was my soulmate and my baby girl, I had her for 8 wonderful years, but I didn't think that was long enough, it never is long enough, I miss her terribly still and I wish I could just hold her 1 more time and feel her soft fur again, its so hard when you lose your family member, She was my daughter because I was never able to have kids of my own, so we were so close we had a very strong bond together Sadie and I, and I will cherish all the memories forever and ever!!!!! until I see you againSADIE GIRL, mommy misses you sweet baby, have fun at the bridge till mommy comes for you. love you, mommy    TEARS ARE LOVE DROPS FROM THE HEART, SADIESMOMMY

my sweet sadie girl she was a pomeranian and she was the sweetest little girl ever, she loved every one and she loved life in general she was my child because my husband and I could never have kids of our own, so she was definately our daughter, she was thebest furkid ever in my life we were soul mates from the beginning , we adopted her when she was only 8 weeks old, she was so cute and then she turned out to be the most beautiful pomeranian ever I have ever seen in my life. she was with us for 8 wonderful years but I didnt think that was long enough she was so young when we had to put her to sleep, she had diabetes foe a few years and then her kidneys just started shutting down it was so sad it killed us when we had to say goodbye to sadie!!!!!!!
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I am so sorry for your loss of Penny. I lost a very sweet Cocker Spaniel (Samantha) to liver cancer. I had
to have her put to sleep, also. It was very hard. Even though it was 14 years ago I still miss her. It is 4 months since I lost my recent girl (Cosette) and I still grieve her. It will take time but you will accept the fact she's gone. There is some light at the end of the tunnel.  It sounds like she was very happy and had a wonderful life. I'm sure she is very thankful to you and your husband.
Please accept my deepest sympathy ,
Vicky (Cosette's mom)
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Dearest Penny and all who loved and lost-- I know how you feel.  Never let anyone tell you the grief for our pets is not real.  it has been a week and a half now since I lost my dog of 16 years.  You are right every room is empty now.  I have put up all but one toy and the place mat we sneeked him a bite of our food on.  Now every time we eat our first thought is to pull his mat over.  I cannot put it up.  I put flowers on his grave each day.  I used to lie in the floor at night to rub him after he got so bad he could not play.  I am over come sometimes with guilt even though i know he was in bad shape and pain.  I just keep searching for something i could have done to have changed it all.  The vet said we had done everything and he was just so old and he had surgery on one torn acl 5 years ago then about 9 months ago he tore the other acl.  the vet thought he was too old for surgery and recovery and he was still getting around.  Then it just got worse and worse,  He could not enjoy us. He could not stand. He was afraid to be outside it seemed.  He was taking 2 kinds of pain medicine.  I am just back and forth with emotions - did we do right- is there anything we may have tried?? Was one of the pain pills making him doped up?? The vet said that even if we had tried something else it would have been something else at his age like kidney or liver.  I cry for him everynight. I know there are pets out there needing a home but I am afraid to love again right now.  I pray for God to heal our hearts and make room for those animals that are waiting for a family to love them.  Perhaps we can share good memories here as a way of honoring our loved ones.  I will tell first----when I first got my dog as a puppy he would sleep on my pillow curled around my head.  Funny- when I ate corn on cobb I would hold the cobb out like I was going to feed it to him  and he would growl - don't know why- just funny. He did the same way with lemons.  Now tell me a happy memory about your pets and we will try to comfort each other along this road.


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