I did everything I possibly could. He had liver disease which I thought could be healed, but there was an underlying problem. He passed this last Saturday, and I feel such devastation. I can't stop crying...he was my little boy. I'm sad, angry...everything.

My other cat - a little girl - has been looking for him. I'm trying to keep her loved, but I know she feels my pain. She's never been alone (while with me), and while I know the right thing to do is to start looking for a friend for her - I'm not ready. I'm hoping Mika will bring me another boy when it's time.

I feel so raw and lost. He was supposed to be with me for many more years.
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Sorah..I am so sorry for your loss.  Your baby was obviously very sick.  You did the right thing for him, even if you don't think so right now.  Your other cat needs her mommy at this time.  Hopefully you can comfort each other at this time.  Good Luck   Sue
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Hi Soroh, I'm so sorry for your loss of Mika. I'm sure you did what you could and sometimes they are going to go anyway. There is nothing we can do except try to make it as painfree as possible for them. I think it may be too soon for you so just give your girl more attention and love she will be ok. In fact it could be too stressful for her too to bring in a new cat right away. In time when you feel ready you can find her a brother or sister. Hugs <3
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Hi Soroh,
I feel so badly hearing how much pain you are in - it's so difficult to have to say good bye when our precious friends become so ill. I think that you and your other cat could comfort each other through this sad time. Unfortunately there seems to be no way around the awful grief that comes with having to say good bye and it does take some time but eventually it will get better. I lost my dog Bailey in November and it was totally devastating. I didn't think I could survive it but I did - not that I don't think of him every day and miss him so very much! I wrote in a journal to him about how I was feeling, how missed he was by so many people and it did help with the grief process. Maybe that could help you. At the very least just know you are not alone - we understand and feel your pain. I'm so very sorry for your loss!
Wishing you peace and brighter days ahead!
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