I had to euthanize my baby Blu on Friday afternoon after a battle with seizures. He had epilepsy and was diagnosed in March. He was only 3 and my life feels so empty without him. I really don't know what to do with myself. We moved into our house together and he was by my side every day. I miss him so much and this grief is so hard to bear. I'm so hurt and devastated.I don't know what to do. He was my whole life and my world and everything reminds me of him. I'm praying this gets better for me because I am struggling. 
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I'm sorry for your loss. It will get better, this is still very new for you and you need to give yourself time to grieve and adjust. Take care of yourself, Blue would want you to. 
“Until one has loved an animal, a part of ones soul remains unawakened” ~ Anatole France
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I’m sorry for your loss. I recently said goodbye to my Boy 3 weeks ago. He had seizures too. We dealt with it for 3 years. But last April we were told that he’s going on kidney failure. We did everything we can to keep him alive. We did dialysis at home, gave him his meds regularly & even holistic treatments but it just wasn’t enough. We also had to put him down. We cannot bear to see him in pain. He just wasn’t the same dog anymore. It hurts so bad. I still cry almost every day. I miss having him around. I really do feel your pain. But just letting you know you’re not alone. Just like everyone tells me it will get better. Sending you hugs. 
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