My little Artemis. 

It has been three months now since she's passed, I wish it wasn't so. I adopted her only a year ago at 4 months old, she had some medical problems that I took the responsibility for and made sure she took her medicine. She was my baby and my world, considering my current state where my only friends are only online. She was there for me through all the bad times, made me smile and made me so happy and I know I did the same for her. I miss her so much I feel like my world has crashed and shattered for me, I've never felt a loss like this.

She had gotten let out on Sunday, she liked to go outside but never have I seen her cross the street. I guess she changed her mind. I don't know what happened, or why she crossed the street, but I didn't find her for 2 days... 

She was left outside, in the summer heat, rotting for two whole days... I should have looked for her sooner, I should have KNOWN something was wrong when she didn't come home. When I found her someone had... moved her off the road, onto the grass bed of the curb and had taken her collars off and laid them next to her. I appreciate that a lot... 

I want my baby back. I want her to meow at me one more time, to look at me with the love she did, to hold her in my arms again because I never got the chance. 

I'm sorry Artemis, I'm so sorry. Mommy still loves you forever and always. 
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I’m so sorry to hear that you had to find her like that. I too had a traumatic experience with the dog I lost a few days ago. Although it’s been months since your loss, we can only hope together that time will heal the pain and that the sadness will give way to fond memories. I am a believer that our brains are biased to retain mostly good memories long term, so let’s hope together that this becomes true.
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One of m favorite pictures of her the first day she was home.
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Artemis was such a sweet cat. :-) Love her picture!! Sometimes things happen despite our best intentions. I think you should forgive yourself and look at all the love you gave to her.
Cicero, I do think she knows you love her and she is happy and grateful for the lovely life you gave to her! Please take care and I wish you peace.
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What a beautiful cat. Please don't be hard on yourself, things happen and blaming yourself isn't fair. She wouldn't want you to punish yourself. Remember the happy times you had together, because those are what matter now.
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