Last month I lost, to snake bite, the best, and happiest dog I ever knew.  I feel graced that he came into my life. And I don't know that I'll ever get over his loss at this point. 

I do pretty well most of the time, I've even taken in a foster through a local rescue group to help me with the gap.  But he's still gone.

I try not to talk about it because no one really wants to listen to you talk about the dog you just lost, but I do need to talk about him. I think it's the only way I'm really going to progress with my grief.  To place the memories in perspective, and know that I'll always remember him. 

So I'm here.  Maybe doing this will help.  I sure hope so.
Sean D Taylor
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Dear Sean,

Welcome to the Rainbows Bridge Forum. I am very sorry and saddened to read of your loss of your pup. Being grateful for the time that you were allotted with your boy will help you through the grief process. It is so key. So you are on the right track my friend.

That is very admirable, that you have taken in a rescue dog to foster. I did the same after I lost my own boy (a cat named "Marmalade") and it made a World of difference. Taking those feelings of grief and helping another being in dire need. I adopted my foster and he has proven to be a worthy companion. Each day he makes me laugh and smile and has brought countless hours of joy back into my life. His name is "KID." A Tuxedo cat with a little black mustache. I named him after the Charlie Chaplin movie "The Kid." About an orphan. KID had been attacked by either a coyote or a neighbors pitt-bull when I found him. He required surgery. He is playing in the background as I write you.

I also dealt with people not wanting to talk with me about my own loss, so I landed here on this forum as well. Where I found many compassionate, loving, kind, considerate and understanding people. They helped me through my own journey through grief. This forum has truly been a blessing.

We are with you in comradeship and your boy is with you in spirit. Always.

Thank you for sharing some of your story about your boy. Now we know a bit about him too.  

: )

Kind regards & my sincerest condolences,
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It most definitely will help to tell stories and share pictures here. At least it has for me. I lost my little chiweenie unexpectedly 2 weeks ago today and the pain is still horrible and always will be. But I think talking about my Minnie here makes it a little more bearable.  Glad you are here and I'm sorry for your loss.
Linda L.
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