I just lost him last night. My two year old daughter got up on our bed to snuggle with him as she always did. Then she said that Berkeley wasn't moving and that he was heavy. We all thought he was napping like he always does, curled up into a ball on our pillows. But he wasn't sleeping. My sweet, loving boy died in his sleep. I was hysterical. I've had him for over 10 years, since he was 7 weeks old. I'm devastated. He slept on my right shoulder at night for 10 years. And I won't have that tonight. I feel out of control and can't stop crying. I hope this gets easier. Thanks for reading.

-Ang (short for Angela)
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With your loss being so recent I imagine you are still in a state of shock and disbelief. I am so sorry that Berkeley left you in such an abrupt manner.
I know the feelings of desperation and devastation and not being able to stop crying. That feeling of being out of control is another familiar one to me. You have suffered a great loss. A loving bond that you had for 10 years has been broken. You must now mourn that loss.
All of these feelings are normal. You are not alone here in this forum. I have done a great deal of reading on pet loss and grieving and was reassured to discover that those of us who love our pets deeply go through a period of intense mourning proportional to the love.
It is not an easy journey and is certainly not predictable.
However it will not always be as agonizing as it is today. With time our grief changes shape.
Take the time to grieve Berkeley's death. When you are up to it perhaps you can come and share his story with us.
My thoughts are with you tonight. I hope that in time you will remember him with a smile instead of the flood of tears those memories provoke tonight.
Be kind to yourself.
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