Yesterday 9/2 was a very tough day,  
We had to euthanize our beloved Pug "Sully".

sorry if this is a long read I just feel I have to type this out and tell his story....

Sully was born in Seville, Spain in 2002, he just turned 15 years old on August   His registered name was "Zoltan de Alcazaba" (Sultan of the Castle).  

We brought him home when he was about 1 year old,  he was given to us free by a family that could no longer take care of him(they paid $1000Euros for him!!).  I was stationed with the US NAVY in Spain from 2003-2007 .  

Then we came back to the states,  and Then I got stationed in Okinawa, Japan   so he went there with us for almost three years(2011-2013),  where he had major surgery for bladder stones done by a wonderful Japanese Veterinarian ...then we came back to the States in 2013.   Sully started showing signs of blindness and then went completely deaf over the next year or so,  but still was happy and healthy,  just need some help getting around..... fast forward to the last week or so,  he started having trouble eating  though he would finish it if you helped him eat   and couldn't get around well, slept all the time... we knew time was drawing near and we would have to make that decision... so yesterday when we came home after being out and about for a couple hours... Sully was having alot of trouble breathing you could hear the fluid in his lungs and had no energy..   The vet we called was wonderful and handled the situation with the most loving care I have ever seen.
We were able to bring him home and made a special place for him behind our house in the woods.
IMG_3865.PNG  IMG_3867.PNG 
We will miss you Sully  you were the best dog in the world

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Such a lovely story! Sully was quite the amazing, handsome character! I enjoyed reading about him and I absolutely love his photos! He certainly had an adventurous life with you and I dare say a happy one filled with much warmth and love. It had to be so hard for you coming home to find him in distress and having to make that decision that it was time for him to leave you but it was made from love. I can also feel the pain behind your words as you now have to go on without your beloved Sully and that is very, very difficult! You had Sully for a long time so of course there will be a huge void left in your lives now without him. I hope in time you can take comfort from the amazing life and all of the love you gave your Sully. I'm so very sorry for your huge loss!
Hugs to you, CK
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Sully is so beautiful. One can see how much he was loved. Thank you for giving Sully a wonderful life. I wish everyone would do the same for their fur babies. I'm so sorry for your loss and I will be praying for you. Sully is precious! God Bless you and thank you for your service.
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