Hi everyone,

I found my best friend Taffy dead Saturday he was 10-11 years old. I loved him so much, he was always with me, he was such a happy cat and so funny. Saturday I had stomach flu so I kept vomiting and decided to rest and fall asleep. When I woke up, I found him dead, not breathing. When I was asleep I heard something abnormal but I was so sick, I just went back to bed.

I can't believe he's dead already, the house seems so empty without him. My boyfriend was supposed to catch a flight Saturday night but he postponed it for this Wednesday. I didn't even go to work this morning because since Saturday I haven't eaten anything at all! I feel so weak, I feel like it's the end of my happy world. Taffy was so important to me, everytime I felt depressed I just tough of him and it made me happy. He was following me everywhere in the house, he slept with me and he was soooo affectionate. He's dead body is still here outside and we have to call the city to come pick him up. It's cold outside so it's fine.

He was a bit overweight, but more stocky with a belly. He was sooo cute and adorable, he always seem astonished, it was he's face expression. I could take him in my arms and he would just chill there. He loved me a lot and I am heart broken that he's gone. He used to lick my fingers all the time and rubbed hes face to mine.

What to do to feel better, I'm crying every minute and I completely lost appetite. I can't even go back to work. What should I do?

thank you so much for you're kind response

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So sorry for your loss, it is hard to see a loved one leave for the Rainbow Bridge.   Many people will not share the empathy of a lost companion with you so you do your best to reach out to sites like this or share your feelings with close family and friends.  We lost our Chihuahua 11 days ago and it is still hard to dismiss the rituals we shared with Vegas (our Chihuahua).  You too will miss those rituals but you will also smile remembering the joy you shared.   It will become easier in time but from what I understand you will always have a space in your heart dedicated to your Taffy.   

Best wishes and sympathy to you for the loss of your close friend.

John & Renee
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Hello Catherine,

I'm so sorry for your loss. Taffy was such a handsome boy.

I have lost two of my beautiful cats in the last four years. My best friend, Spooky (he was 17) in 2011 from natural causes and my baby girl, Katrinka (she was 18) in 2013, from cancer. It left me numb for a long time.

All I can say is, leave yourself time to grieve.  It will take time, everyone is different. Talking about how you feel will help. This forum was a life saver for me, so many people want to help.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  If you need to talk, please feel free to contact me.

Kitty (Spooky and Katrinka's Mom)

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healing vibes
After saying goodbye to my litter mates one at 16, (early 2014) the other at 17 1/2 (Oct 2015)  I feel like I am in withdrawal.  The unconditional love they provided made me feel important with a sense of purpose.  I try my best to remember they weren't going to stay forever, but our lives together will forever live in my heart.  You don't have to let go.  Hang on as tight as possible, the love will never die. 
don't do too much, be kind to yourself.
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I am so sorry about your Taffy...and take as much time as possible that you can from work.

I had my baby PTS 12 days ago and took 3 days off from work, and grieved the whole time, and I am still crying to this day..........and I know i will be crying many, many months from now.......it is part of the grieving process.

Take good care of yourself the best that you can, I know what helped was talking about my pet to others, and posting on here, it really
helps, keep your Taffy's memory alive..............she is your guardian angel now.


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The wound is still so fresh. I'm sorry to say that it's going to be very difficult, very painful for a while. Cry as much and as hard as you need to. This feeling of complete devastation from losing a best friend is, unfortunately, the norm for people like us. Not too many people will understand exactly what you're going through, but in this forum, we get it. Coming here will help.
I'm so sorry for your loss. Taffy is a beautiful and precious little creature.
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