The 17th of Feb my baby Penny got hit by a car i miss her so much i feel as if i had her for all my life my baby my best friend all in one i cant forgive my self Every day seems to get harder and harder without her she came everywhere with us since day one was never left on her own we own a furniture shop she comes to work with us everyday I had just left to go shop to get tea bags and she would of always came with me and this one time i didn't bring her she ran out the door after another dog the was on the opposite side of the road i came up on the accident on the way back I coukdn believe my eyes taught it was a bad nightmare I'm grieving so bad I think im going mad without my girl there is a constant pain in my chest when i think back of that day we should of had years left to spend together I miss u so much princess I think about u every second of the day I'll never forgive my self ...
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I am so sorry about the loss of your fur baby Penny.  The picture of the two of you together is precious.  It was a tragic accident that occurred.  It is understandably very traumatic for you to have been there when it occurred and to see her as you returned to your shop.  You are going through the normal grief that occurs when we loose our beloved fur babies no matter how it occurs.  We feel that we cannot go on without them, that we are losing our minds and the grief may seem to get worse each day as the reality of the loss sets in.  When an accident is involved, guilt is usually a part of the grief feelings.  The intensity of your feelings shows the depth of the love that you have for Penny. All I can tell you is that you are not alone and many others here are going through the same experiences as you are.  Just get through each day as well as you can and accept the fact that you may not be able to manage very well at all.  Take care of yourself as much as you can.  With time I hope that the memories of the good times you had with Penny will replace your current thoughts about the moment of her death.  For now, stay here in this group and know that there are others who understand and care.
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The picture of you two is beautiful. I wish I had comforting words but I'm going on 4 months and haven't slept in my room since November 2019. The tears have stopped but I'm just sad. I come here about once a month to write how I feel. I guess it's working but sometimes I wonder. I miss my girl and it sucks being separated from her.
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I’m so sorry for your lost . Words can’t describe the pain you’re feeling! She will always be near you and in your heart. 
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