My darling Dumpling passed just a little over a month ago. She succumbed to her recently diagnosed FeLV in such a short amount of time. I tried everything to keep her here with me. Her lethargy became so bad that I had to feed her and supply her with water myself, as she had no drive to eat or drink. I had already been dealing with depression prior to her passing, and her leaving this world simply broke me. She wasn’t even a year old yet; and while I remind myself that I made her happier than she ever would have been inside that palette yard I found her in, those reminders slip my mind and I think about what could have been if she were still here. She has a sister who is still here with us. Every time I see her sister, who loves to bask in the sunlight, cuddle with you, and play to her heart’s content— I’m reminded of Dumpling. I think of her and how much she would have loved to experience that sunlight and love, too. I feel like I never appreciated her enough. She was so affectionate that sometimes I found it annoying. I wish I never treated it with annoyance, even if I’d do it rarely. She’d interrupt your work by plopping down onto your keyboard and relaxing there with no issue. She had no concept of privacy, so she would barge into the bathroom whilst you were using it and harass you to pet her. Why did she have to go? She was the sweetest thing ever, and was always in tune with my emotions. She’d pick up on when I was sad and would knead my lap and purr her heart away until I calmed down. I’ve had so many restless nights since she’s left me. How do I even cope? It’s so hard. I miss my little girl so much.
Dream little one! You can run and jump and climb again! For always! Dream little one, and I will dream with you.
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Hi summerinosaka.  So very sorry for your loss of your beloved Dumpling.  I know it is no consolation, but myself and many others here know exactly what you are feeling.  I lost my best friend in the whole world over a year ago, and there is still a hole in my heart that will never heal.  It's true you made her life as good as it could be, but it's still not fair they are gone so soon.  There are good people here who understand.   Sending thoughts and prayers your way.
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