Last Monday my house got on fire, my daughter and dad were in the house, my husband and I were out of town. My daughter and dad and one of my 5 cats got out of there fine, but 4 of my 5 babies died by smoke inhalation. I can’t handle this, I need them with me, I need to feel them and kiss them and love them and hear them.

Every single day I cry, I just wish I was at the house to do something for them, I failed them, they trusted me to take care of them and I fail them. I have so much sad and guilt and anger, I feel devastated, it was too soon.

I just want to see them one last time, so I can tell them how much I love them and kiss them. I wish I could see them in my dreams.
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I am very sorry for your loss of your four, sweet cats in a tragic fire. It is normal to feel guilt and anger and feel like you failed. But it was a tragedy that was not your fault. I hope they visit you in your dreams

My condolences,
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