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Chachi, I love the picture of your Charlie boy!  Such a sweet face.  I know you loved him so  much and miss him terribly.  Sometimes I feel like my heart is going to burst.  It's really cold, icy and snowy here in Nebraska, yet I force myself to go on my early-morning walks as usual.  I have to really concentrate on my walk so that I don't slip and fall (like I did 2 weeks ago -- fell backwards and hit my head!) and that does keep me distracted.  I also find I have to walk much farther in the same amount of time it took to walk my Chibi. He was getting slower and less able to walk as far.  

And when I'm starting to feel down again, I do some intense workout to the point I can't think of anything else.  I guess I'm trying to push my grief out of my mind.  

Tonight for the first time, I participated in the Monday night Candle Ceremony.  I was a bit confused initially about what was going on but it was comforting.  So many people who have lost their fur-babies.  I wish we could all meet in person as it's not easy to talk to other people who haven't gone through this loss.

Hang in there, Chachi!
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Oh thank you once again, I found the Monday candle ceremony and signed up for next Monday, bless you and thank you so much this means the world to me.
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