I made it through half of my day without crying and trying to kee my mind on Happy thoughts and then I got the call that my fur baby Jasper's ashes were ready to be picked up :( I cried as soon as I walked into the vets office. Just seeing his name on the little box made it real. And they saved some of his hair for me in a bag. I wish I could rewind time to the beginning of last week. Why didn't I notice the signs of him being so tired and not being as social as he always was. Why were we so busy not to pay attention. I wonder if we weren't on our week of staycation if the outcome would have been different. We were out and about everyday going off to do something fun. On a normal week I'd be home with the kids and who knows, maybe I would have noticed. Or if only we got him a blood transfusion. Ugh the what's ifs are killing me :(
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I'm so sorry for you lost. I now exactly how you're feeling. I just picked up my kitty's ashes yesterday. I had to let her go on July 3rd. They also gave me some of her hair in a little baggy and I cried so much cause I wasn't expecting that. I also got her paw print. I dedicate a shelf for her with two photos, some of her toys, her ashes, hair and print. I've been lighting candles since July 3rd until we got her ahses back home. I'm still going to light them for her. I know it's hard and that's why I try to do little things to help me cope. She was 13 years old and I had her since she was 6 weeks old. 💔 Please know your baby is with you. Always will be. Sometimes we don't notice the obvious signs. Especially when they aren't vocal. But deep in our hearts, we know when it's time. I hope you're ok and keep in mind that your fur baby will always love you!!!
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I picked up the ashes today as well and have done the same thing , what if I had done this or that . I think its part of our grief . You loved your friend if you had known you would have done more, animals hide their pain a lot . Try not to blame yourself Im sure its truly not anyones fault at all . Its lonely its sad I have been hugging an urn and walking around with his picture in my pocket as insane as it sounds its helping me to cope
alicia belanger
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