My beautiful Cinders died from autoimmune disease and it was the first time I had lost something bigger than a gerbil In the same week Orlot died and one month later Spicy died. I have two cats left and they fight a lot and every time they do I wish Spicy( my oldest) was there to make them stop my mom doesn't talk about them any more so I don't want to bring it up.
The photos are in order. Spicy is the Maine coon
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I am so, so sorry for the loss of your Cinders, Orlot and Spicy, such beautiful photos of your precious babies.
To lose three of your babies in one year is so unbelievably sad, I don't know how you have managed to survive three losses of such loved and valued family members, you are a tower of strength with what you have gone through.
I love their names, so unique and so original, if you feel up to it, I would love to hear how you came up with such great names for your beautiful Cinders, Orlot and Spicy....absolutely great names, of course I completely understand if you don't feel up to sharing.
I am so sorry for your losses, I can't even imagine what you must have gone through with losing all three of them.
Hold the many treasured and loving memories of each of your babies close to your heart and they will always, always surround you with their love......your Cinders, Orlot and Spicy will make sure of that.
I am so sorry, sending our warmest wishes for such peace, light and healing to find your heart.

Sincerely, Don & Vera

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Orlot was one of my fathers kittens so he named him my fathers French so I don't know why he chose that. I named Cinders because she would hide in the fireplace. And Spicy is just his personality aka very well rounded. 🙂💖💖
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So sorry for the loss of your three kitties. I can't imagine the heartache you must be feeling. Fourteen years ago I lost two in the same year one in March and the other a week before Thanksgiving after two weeks of me crying my husband said "We've got to get you a cat". That's when I got Matski. She was so tiny she fit in my hands after she ate I would put her on my shoulder and say I was "burping" her like a baby and for the next 14 years any time I sat in my recliner she would get on my chest and go to sleep. My husband used to ask what I did at home all day I told him things I did and also that I would sit and rock my Baby, she loved to be rocked and sleeping in the sunshine, I would move the chair she was sleeping in all over to keep her in the sunshine. Every where I look I expect to see her then I look in the front yard and see the boulder where she is buried. It tears my heart out that I can never hold her again.

Wishing for your pain to ease
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I am so sorry for the loss of your Cinders, Orlot and Spicy and to have this all happen in such a close period of time is heartbreaking. I am sure you are feeling triple the pain, you may think of one of your precious cats and I am sure visions of another who you lost also comes to mind. It is a hard road to be on.  I lost 3 dogs Jemma, Munki and Daizy but it was much further spaced apart (a 21 month period, seems like I would lose my beloved pets every 8 to 10 months for 2 years straight) and I feel like i am forever grieving.

This site has helped me so much on my journey, there are wonderful people here and the alone feeling also gets taken away because there are so many others here who truly know how you feel.

Thank you for posting such precious pictures of your beautiful babies and keep coming back and posting, it truly helps.


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I know how you feel.  What beautiful fur babies you had.
In just over two years I lost three cats,  someone  who was like a father to me and my wonderful mother best friend and soul mate Marie. 
Caring for my last cat Spooky was all that kept me going - she had heart problems due to overactive thyroid and less than a month before I lost Maire was advised by the vet to have her put to sleep.  I fought for her life and was glad I did as Marie's last weeks would have been a hell of grief and I would not have had her to focus on after.
For a week I was to and fro (a thirty mile round trip alone) from Marie in ITU and Spooky still very ill here at home.
In the year after Marie left me Spooky's thyroid was controlled and her heart had improved - due in some part to taurine powder which I would buy for her from the internet.  The vet could not believe how well she had done for a 16 year old girl.  Then the worst thing  - a few months ago her breathing grew worse and this time it was a tumour on her lung  -  within twelve hours of my being told she died in my arms suddenly at six o clock next morning.
Whenever we were in the house Marie would be on the armchair and Spooky would be on her knee.  When I would go out I would kiss them both and wave outside.  Now the chair is empthy and in the months following Marie's leaving Spooky would sit on the chair, stare at Marie's teddy bear and yowl. 
All of my losses have been sudden and this one has compounded all of the others and was the last link to the world I knew.
Now I have no reason to be here.
I hope you have someone to comfort you - it is so hard to be alone with your memories and no one to say "Do you remember when......" to.
Love and hugs from
A M Dakin
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