I am very heartbroken. My baby Chanel passed away just a few hours ago. I was still mourning The loss of her brother, and now she is gone. I have cried so much, to the point of that it is hard to breathe. I have screamed and sobbed so much.
We don’t have children. That’s another story. But losing my two dobies is like losing my children.
I feel devastated. desolated, Hopeless. I can’t stop thinking about how cute she was, how she wanted me to hold her hand to the last breath, the way she looked at me, all the memories. I can’t sobbing. It is hard to handle. So painful.
The house feels si empty. I do t want to thinks about the future. The days to come without her, without them.
I feel desperate, frustrated, upset.
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Dear Dobielover,
I am very sorry. To lose them both in such a short time, and your girl only gone hours ago.
There is no pain like it. I know. My girl was the closest to me anyone has ever been. My kindest thoughts to you, and blessings for their sweet Souls.

Brother and sister are probably now reunited.

It's a horrible panic and loneliness.  But everyone here understands. We are here for you. You are not alone.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer

Misty's life after death:
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I am so very sorry for your losses. A few years ago I lost both my pets in one week. One very unexpectedly. There is no pain like losing a soul mate even if it is an animal, who has given us unconditional love we will never get in a human relationship. I also don't have kids and I put all my love into my precious fur children.  I just lost my Tonkinese cat Khaomanee almost 3 mo ago. I am still grieving a lot. He was 15. I thougt I would have him at least a couple more years. Now I have my precious Sugar Bear but she is 14.5 and I am so afaid of losing her. I can't bear the thought.  I know how painful this is believe me. It makes a lot of people never adopt again the pain is so bad. The only thing I can say with certainty - love will expand - you will expand your heart for another cherished animal. It will never be the same -no relationship is - but the love will grow and it will heal the hole in your soul to an extent. It just does not feel possible now. I only speak from experience. That in no way mitigates the love you have for your previous fur child/children. Nothing makes sense right now. Everyone kept telling me only time will heal - it is true. There is no love like we have for our animal companions - so pure and untainted - but the pain when we lose them is like having your heart ripped out. This site has really helped me and so many others. Just log on when you are overwhelmed and you won't be alone. Jeri
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I’m so sorry. I just lost my two cats just days ago. It’s so hard to imagine your life without their presence. There is nothing anyone can say that will make the feeling go away, but I do think there will come a time when you can take joy in the happy memories. There will be lots of ups and downs and it’s okay to feel the way you feel. It’s part of the process.
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you so much for your kind words. All of you. This is the first time I join a forum. In my pain I started looking for help and I found this group. I am glad I did.
It is so traumatic what I went through today. I am still in shock. Not because the experience itself was traumatic, but because my two pets left me in less than a year. They were both under 10 YO. Heart congested failure, a dobbie thing.
They were such a good companions, love to be near people, smart, loving, good pets. Never bite anyone, or attack anyone, on the contrary, they were always scared of other dogs. My baby Chanel hold my hand until the very last minute. Her gums were getting bluish. Nothing else to do. Maybe some oxigene, but that would have been for a few days and then back to the same pain. They left me too soon. Both with the same condition. Not having children my own makes it even more sensitive. I have always been attached to animals, especially dogs.
I cried so hard today that I think I was getting sick or entering in some type of trauma.
Jeri, you are right with all the things you mentioned. I don’t feel anything will cure the pain I feel right now. It is almost like I am going mad. We are going to go for a little trip tomorrow just to be out of home. Just think about coming back home and not to see them coming to say hello hurts me so much. Yes my heart is broken in pieces. I am currently drinking my fourth beer with my eyes all swollen, trying to watch a movie.
I can’t stop thinking about her face, the way her last breath was, holding my hand and me screaming like crazy calling her my baby and asking her for forgiveness. Nothing mattered. I did not care what people would thoutht.
It’s going to be very difficult being alone at home.even more when it comes to see her toys, clothes, pillows, blankets, etc. I feel guilty of leaving her body all alone. She will be cremated. Just because if we move, she and her brother will come with us wherever we go.

Thank you all for your kind words. It is nice to know that there are still people who understand the strong connection we have with our babies.
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