Hello, I'm new to this forum. I'd heard about it but had never visited until now.

I'm still a little numb and in shock after losing my 2 cats over the past two weeks. The first, was Mario, (pictured with our dog, Madaeson). And then 12 days later, Rockie, the grey kitty. They were two of 3 kitties that I got together while living in another state. They were just shy of turning 15. My daughter has the other kitty.

The funny thing about getting these kitties is that I took my two kids to pick out "one" kitty. The lady had 3 kittens, and we each had our favorite. We were living in a big house and I thought if I only took one it would get lonely. If I took 2, the other one would be lonely. So, we took all 3 of them. LOL I had them all together for years, until a divorce, and then my daughter took hers with her. He's still doing good. :)

Mario, who was my favorite, had been getting thinner over the past couple of years but still ate really well, and was active, and would always purr when petted. We almost lost him a couple of summers ago but he hung in there. I noticed a few days before he died that his nose looked dry and a little discolored. His jaw was making a strange sound when he tried to drink water. He finally quit eating, but was still in good spirits, purring, etc. Then he curled up one morning and drifted off. I was with him, and it was peaceful, but so very hard to say goodbye. We buried him under our back trees where he liked to lounge in the flowers.

Rockie was always more shy, and didn't really like to be around Mario because he kind of demanded attention. But, after Mario passed, Rockie didn't want to come in the house except to eat quickly. She'd just lie under the rose bushes next to the house. I made sure to check on her every day, and brought her treats. She'd rub on my shoes. She was dropping weight, but being a Russian Blue, we thought she was shedding her winter coat. A few days ago she quit eating, and was hiding in several places all over the house. I noticed she had a funny smell to her, and her urine had turned completely clear. We took her to the vet this last Friday and had a blood panel done. The results showed complete kidney failure, and anemia. The vet said she wasn't strong enough to even try treatment, so we opted to put her down. My husband and I stayed with her, petting her, and talking to her softly while she drifted off. She died just 12 days after her brother, Mario. His passing was not a surprise, but hers was, so I was really caught off guard.

The picture of her showed here was just 4 days before Mario passed. I took it on May 18th. She was healthy looking, eating, and happy. The vet said it was possible that losing her brother triggered it. They'd been together just a month shy of 15 years.

Our poor dog, Madaeson whom has been a part of my family for over 3 years, and especially buddies with Mario, is now sad with both of the kitties gone. They are both buried under our trees. I have a vase that I've kept filled with fresh roses every day for the past 2 weeks where they are buried so I can look out the window and see it.

My heart has been breaking, and I've cried my eyes out on and off, but now I'm focused on making sure our dog keeps from getting depressed. I'm also very thankful, and feel very blessed for the time I had with Mario and Rockie. I know I'll see them both again some day, and that gives me peace. :)

Thank you for letting me share.
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I had three dogs.  I lost 2 of them within 3 weeks of each other so you are wise to keep an eye on your doggie.  My last dog was VERY depressed, wouldn't eat, go on walks, nothing but stare at the wall.  If he is social taking him to a dog park might help.  Sorry for your losses.
Sue E
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Thank you very much for the warning and suggestion. We've been keeping her busy, so she seems to be alright. She loves to play ball. :) I am so sorry for your losses as well.
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dear mario and rockie's mum. i am so so sorry to read of your loss of both your beautiful little kitty cats. their photos are gorgeous. i really do feel your pain as we are totally lost without them. i also came to this forum a month ago to help me cause i was such a mess but i am slowly not such a mess although my heart is broken just the same if that makes sense. im actually starting to sleep a little better. just telling you this cause the next days weeks and maybe even months are going to be one day at a time and alot of tears. everyone in this forum  is very supportive as all going thru the grieving process. i know my life will never be the same but im so glad that i had my 18 years with my little best friend. i now have to learn to cope without him. its a hard road. you are not alone. hang in there. and no dont think you are going crazy- this still feels like a bad dream for me after 5 weeks. elle
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My deepest condolences on the loss of your 2 beautiful cats. It's so difficult to lose them, especially so close to each other. It's so good that you are thinking of and paying extra attention to your dog as Madaeson will be suffering too. Hopefully you'll be able to comfort each other. Again, so sorry for your loss. Take care!
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Kudos to you!!Keep a happy heart for your baby.He will respond to how your feeling.Lucky for my two remaining baby's they had each other!But they really watched my feelings.It's hard to show your ok with a heavy heart.Hang in there!!Your not alone...
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Hugs, it's very hard
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