I just lost my little man Luke to FIP. I didn't know any about this disease until this week. I can't believe he is gone two weeks ago he was running around being a cat and this morning I had to put him down it was that fast. He was such a funny cat who thought he was a dog he chased the dogs like he was one of them. Even though you was only with a little over a year you will always be in my heart. I love you Luke cross the bridge and run free.
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I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Luke.....and I am sure it hurts so much with this happening so fast and so quick with no time to think and being so very young.

Please know there are kind, caring people on this forum who truly understand what it is like to lose their "babies". Yes, our pets are family and the grieving path is a long one.

Please keep coming back and posting about your Luke and know he is off on a new journey at the Rainbow Bridge, your guardian angel forever, til you meet again.


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So sorry to for your loss of your wonderful friend Luke - Our fur ones seem to be so so relisient - so 'tough' and then in a blink of an eye they are so ill and we are saying goodbye.  Your sweet kitty has a caring and loving mom who will keep him close within her heart for always - It is so difficult to understand 'why' - we can rationalize and logically hear the diagnosis and understand but it is our hearts that can not accept and understand why we lose the fur ones we are bonded with.  As Cam has said there is amazing support here on the forum - come and tell Luke's story and lean on others for support on this difficult road.  May you feel your Luke near by and may you know forever a guardian angel with fur walks with you.  

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