My story must be like everyone else's here, that I have lost a pet I love so very much.  Her story is a little different than most, because of what she's already been thru.  I was driving to work one day when I saw a black kitten on the side of the road.  I had the urge to go back & see if it was alive.  Surprisingly, it was!  I rushed her to a vet who said she was unlikely to survive.  I decided to see what happened. 

She DID survive, broken jaw, broken shoulder, lacerations & all.  We thought she'd lose an eye, but that healed too.  She came home with me 2 months ago now, and became the sweetest cat I ever knew.  She was very afraid of noises and movement, but was very happy, playful and affectionate in my bedroom, which she did not want to leave.  When I lay on the bed she would kiss & cuddle me constantly and talk to me.

Two days ago she was getting more curious so I let her go in the bathroom which has a kitty door for the other kitties, which leads to the outside patio thru another kitty door & then out to the "cat yard" (electrified fence).  I made the mistake of accidentally leaving her in there too long.  Though it's perfectly safe, I knew she wasn't ready to go outdoors yet. 

She got out into the yard and when I went to get her, she got spooked and crashed through the very secure fence which none of the other cats ever get through.  She must have been in absolute terror to be able to do that.

I actually found her yesterday when she meowed at me from the jungle at the far end of my property, but when I tried to get her I made the branches crackle and she darted away.  Then when I was looking for her after that, a hawk swooped into the area, and I am very afraid it got her.  If not, then I fear that this sweet little kitten with a permanent limp and fear of noises will never find her way back.  I have the dogs locked into the garage and the other cats into the bathroom, in the hopes that she will find her way back to the patio and I will see her.

I feel so full of grief I just don't know what to do.  I think she is gone forever and can't fend for herself, if she's even alive.

Any advice would be welcome.
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Please give us an update on your story- cats are very sturdy creatures, and yours seems to have some great survival skills; if she is running from you, she must be running from harmful things, as well, right?  I would attempt to lure her into your yard with food, and also call her so she associates the food with your familiar voice.  Perhaps make a safe haven out side of your house with a box and an old pillow or blanket that smells like you- hopefully she comes to check it out and remember she was safe there...

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One other suggestion (all of the other suggestions were better than I have to offer--all of them sound great)....

one other suggestion may be that if there is any chance you have a little lazer pointer...kitties are just naturally attracted to it to "play" with the red beam of light...

try a little walk just as evening sets in, after you've placed the fresh can of tuna or can food (with a stonger aroma than dry food) and see if kitty comes out... if the kitty shows up, perhaps you can "lure" her back toward your home with the lazer pointer as a play toy for her. 

I was able to adopt in 2 stray kittens in that manner many years ago (and I still to this day - 12 years later) have "Momma" as I call her, even now. 

I add my prayers for your baby kitty, tonight... Best of luck...

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Thank you so much.  I am lucky this time - I found my kitty!  It took days but she is back inside & sweeter than ever.  God gave me a gift.

I know how hard it is to lose a pet.  I lost 2 others only this year (both died).

I did walk around at dusk with a plate of food, and she called to me from inside a giant thicket.  It was very faint, I thought it was probably one of the birds or squirrels that fooled me so often before.  But I sat outside the thicket and called & meowed & blew air over the food.  Finally I could tell it was indeed a cat.  It took about 20 min. for her to come out, and she looked fine.  She's back inside eating & sleeping and seems actually more confident for her "adventure" (though it didn't help me at all!)

thank you for asking and for your advice. 
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This is wonderful news.  Very lucky little black kitty.

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OMG!  I just saw your post that your baby is home!  Thank the good Lord!  I'm going to go ahead and post my message, partly because it took me so long to write it (lol), and partly as a "just in case" message, in case she or one of the others ever escapes again.

I'm so sorry to hear that your beautiful little panther escaped. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you worry about her, and I am hoping she will find her way back to your loving home.  Bless you for rescuing her when you fond her.  No matter what happens, I know that she has known a lifetime of love in the time she's been with you.  Please keep us posted.  She might just be too spooked to come home just yet.

Years ago, our (now 16 year-old) kitty, T.J., got out for three days.  I learned a lot of good tips for attracting them to return to their own homes.  One of those tips is to put their litter box outside the door so they will know their own home when they pass by.  If you put food out, they'll just eat the food and go back into hiding, but the littler box can give you a brief opportunity to catch them because if they're still hungry, they'll be more likely to hang around a bit after using the box.

Our little angel kitty, Buddy, was easily terrified, and it took him years to trust us. Even then, his "fight or flight" instinct kicked in easily.  He had many near misses in his life.  We used to say he had used up 8 of his 9 lives.  Little did we know how true that was.  The one thing he couldn't beat was the cancer that took him from us.  ;-(

Please keep us posted. 

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