I lost my 11 year old Chocolate Lab on New Years Eve morning right after she woke up.  She was sweet and kind and gave us unconditional love every day of her life.  We think she had a heart attack, the night before she was fine, herself.  My husband and I were at her side and told her that it was ok and she should go to God.  I keep waiting for the pain of her not being here to lessen, but it doesn't.  Today I was doing the dishes and the deer were in our yard.  She always sat by the back door and watched them.  This is just so hard.
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So sorry to learn of your loss.  I know what you feel.  It is hard.  It's also heart wrenching and lonely.  I lost my furbaby 11 weeks and 4 days ago and it is still so hard to be without her.  There are so many things that she did, that now that she's not her to do them, brings her loss back with a jolt.  Unfortunately there's nothing I can tell you that will make it less hard.  The days will pass and slowly you will begin to adjust to her being gone.  But please keep in mind that she is only gone physically, she will forever be in your heart.  *Hugs* 

My sweet Peanut, you are the sunshine of my life and I will love you forever
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