Hi all. 
I just joined this page, because earlier today I lost my best friend and the sweetest dog I've ever known. Her name was Ginger, she was 15 years old and she had a great life. She was fluffy and kind and cuddly, however, she was also losing her sight and hearing. 
However, I am not dealing well with what happened - I accidentally ran her over with my car. I don't know what to do with this overwhelming guilt that I feel and trauma from holding her as she passed and seeing her as she went. I feel like I took her life away from her and I couldn't help her. I feel horrible for the heartache I've caused my family. I am trying to find and see the joy in the life I had with her - however, I think that I'm mourning and trying to process what happened. 
Does anyone have any tips, or can anyone share with me ways to move away from the trauma and the guilt that I feel? I loved her so much and would never hurt her. I just hopes she knows that. I know she's running around with my old dog - her best friend - Fred, and so for that I am grateful. 
Thank you. 
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I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved dog. I had to put my cat down Thursday and am dealing with feelings of guilt, too. I think only time will help heal the acute pain. That you had an awful accident is difficult, but we're human and can never be perfect. For 15 yrs. you loved, nurtured, pampered, played with and, well,  just gave your dog the best life she could have. You gave her her life, and it was always going to end as we know it. That is what's important. And I absolutely believe it was a great comfort for your dog that you were with her when she passed. Oh how I wish I could have had 15 yrs. with my cat. Everyone in the family will have to grieve in their own way, and anger-if there's any-is common when grieving due to the pain. I am dealing with my anger towards the Vet & myself. Pain sucks. Maybe have a memorial service. Look through photos and reminisce together as a family. I am going to bury my cat's ashes in the yard near a bench with a granite marker etched from a photo. And talk to people who knew your dog. Neighbors, friends, etc. Their remembrances can help soothe you.
Madelyn DeStefano
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I'm so sorry for your loss. And I'm so sorry that you had to go through that. I'm sure she knew how much you loved her. You gave her a beautiful life. 💗
Nicole Balmat
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