Today I said goodbye to the love of my life. ..Morpheus Katadin  of the Azebus line , pedigree Maine Coon. I have come here because I cannot imagine my life, or our home without him. I need to tell someone what he meant to us.. people who won't say 'he was just a cat'

When we were sad.. he wrapped his enormous paws around our necks and cuddled. When my girls were sad.. he was there. When my daugher sobbed for weeks over her first heartbreak, he refused to leave her side.When my son needed comfort, he was there.  He liked to sleep with Zach, paws wrapped around him. In our bed he would sleep, all 22 pounds of huge furry love, his face pressed into mine (husband got the butt end!) and we’d both end up on the edges of the bed while he spread, like a gorgeous furry starfish!

We have had many pets but none like Morph. 22 pounds of pure love; he cared not if we were happy, sad, rich, poor, grumpy, tired.. he pushed his furry face into ours, wrapped his paws around our necks and simply gave love.

Trips to the vets were funny. Too big for a basket , he simply sat on my lap and other customers would gasp and say ‘wow is he a lynx?’ Our vet photographed him, delighted at his size and beauty and gentle placid personality.

He was hilariously greedy.. a real ‘Six Dinner Sid’ and any move towards the kitchen would ensure a hopeful ‘chirp’ behind us. I caught him on the lap of a neighbour who admitted she fed him fresh ham because he was so lovely!  She also beat off a cat who was attacking him, with a broom one day :D

He was a total coward, slightly nutty, not very bright, poor eyesight and paddling in his water bowl was a regular annoyance.  The only thing he ever ‘caught’ was Charlie’s dummy, and he used to walk around the house with it in his mouth !

I met him at 5 weeks of age.. at the breeders, he climbed into my handbag and that was it. He came to us at 13 weeks old, already huge and that first night he slept in the sick bowl that Charlie ..unwell and heading for hospital, had been using.

12 years of unconditional love. Someone who always loved me, couldn’t wait to plonk his massive body on mine and purr and purr and bunt his face into mine.

As the pain took hold he withdrew. We tried with medication, but despite this he became a shadow of himself, and while selfishly I tried to keep him, in the end he deserved a release from pain, discomfort and bewilderment that filled his last days.

There will be other pets, other cats to fill our home , but no-one will ever replace Morph, king among cats and utterly beloved of ourfamily.

RIP my beloved boy until one day I see you again at the Rainbow Bridge




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This was Morphy on my brothers lap last summer .. approx 23 pounds of dopey love. As daft as he was huge. How am I going to face tomorrow without him? (he had cancer and deteriorated rapidly over the last few weeks )
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I can't even express in words how sorry I am, how sorry we all are. "There will be other pets, other cats to fill our home , but no-one will ever replace Morph, king among cats and utterly beloved of our family." This is how I feel about my sweet boy Monkey. He was the sweetest chihuahua in the world and he was my soulmate and last month he got hit by a car while we were out of the country on vacation. 

I am so, so happy that you got so many years with Morphy. He sounds absolutely hands down incredible. 

I am so sorry how it ended and what you and your family had to go through. What a lucky boy to have so much love around him.

I just wanted to reach out to you. Let you know I read about your Morphy and I feel your love through here and I feel so much love for the both of you and your family. 

I'm so glad you found this community. As I've said countless times, this place and these incredible people have been my saving grace over these past several weeks. We are all here for you. This is exactly the place you should come to talk about Morphy and your story and your life together. 

My heart breaks for you. Honestly, every day is hard. But some days aren't as hard as the others. It does get...for lack of a better word..easier. My heart still drops and my stomach still sinks when I think about Monkey and that he's actually dead. When I think about the day I found out. I still can't believe it. It still hurts. I still wish everything was different. But its not as intense as it used to be and some days go by where I only think of him and smile. 

I don't know how long this road of grief and recovery will be for you. I feel like I'll die years from now still feeling this ache. But I'm hopeful and indescribably thankful for the people who have reached out to me here.

Please know you are not alone. Ever.

Every broken heart here is here to support yours. All of our pieces together make one big heart.

Please never hesitate to reach out to anyone or write about Morphy or to him.

Sending all my love,

April 1st, 2011 - June 7th, 2014
Rest in peace my sweet baby boy, I can't wait to see you again.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, your story struck a chord with me, as I also recently lost a 12 year old lovely cat who had bags of personality, though he never grew to even half the size of Morph, that's why we always called him Baby Cat.
You are right they are not 'just a cat' anyone who says that are heartless and may never know the love that cats can give to their owners and family. They see us through so much in the time that they are with us. Helping us through tough times.
It's not fair that they have to be taken because of ill health, and have to go through suffering.
Morph really was a king among cats.

I hope the happy memories of Morph gets you through this tough time.

- Alan
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