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Tom, I am so sorry for you loss.  What a wonderful person you are to have saved your Sadie from that puppy mill!  It's so sad what some beautiful little souls have to endure.  The day that I had to say goodbye to my Bubbie, I came home and got rid of all of the things that reminded me of his sickness.  All of the insulin bottles, the syringes, the bags of sub q fluids, the medicine he took to help his tummy.  I didn't want to remember him sick.  I wanted to remember him heathly and happy.  When you have a special needs fur baby, you are left feeling lost when they are gone.  Your whole world revolved around them.  I feel like I didn't pay enough attention to my other cat Fritzi.  She is a beautiful 16 year old Calico and I found out today that she has cancer.  It hasn't even been a week since my Bubbie left and now I have to face that I will lose her too.  I am numb right now.  All I can say is cherish every moment you have with your pets because they can be taken from you in a moment.  You were a good daddy to Sadie and I am sure she knows how much you loved her.  You gave her a home and a wonderful life that she would not have received without you.  Take comfort in that.  I wish you peace and I hope that your pain will subside and be replaced with all of the happy memories you have with Sadie.

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