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Today is my sweet Casey’s birthday. She would have been 14 today. Yesterday I asked for a sign. Something that would tell me she is ok and close by.

I have security cameras covering most of my yard. Casey would go to one area of the yard every morning to do her business and the camera would capture it. This morning the camera started recording the area she always went to. I have 9, 10 second clips of a empty backyard. Was this a sign. That camera was the only one to record. It never records an empty yard. I've had that camera for years and it never just records nothing.

The camera is activated by motion and it can only be activated by movement on the ground. Blowing branches maybe? Nope. The camera has activity zones and the purple area in this picture is set to watch just the grass area.

Was this my sign? I hope so.
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That was 100% your sign ; I don't think she could have given you a more clear sign!  I had goosebumps reading your message . She is for sure close-by..... 

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And by the way those video clips we're captured over a 14 minute span exactly on her 14th birthday. And the camera did not record anything prior or since.

It's definitely a sign! 👏👏👏
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Please accept my deepest condolences on the loss of your furbabies, I totally understand how heartbreaking it is. I was so thankful I found this site when our GS Nell passed on Nov 18th. After suffering from seizures since April last year, going blind, arthritis in her hips, and vet said she'd had a stroke, mentally she wasn't our Nellie girl anymore. Even though she didn't respond to us in her final week, the day she passed, she comforted us, her family, we hugged and kissed her, whispered in her ear, "its was ok to cross over the rainbow bridge". Soon after, she had a few mintues of lucidity, she wagged her tail 3 times, something she hadn't done in months. In her final hours, Nell was reassuring us that it was ok, she was ok. Our faithful beautiful girl gave us her sign, she was ready to cross over, ready to be restored physically once over the bridge where we knew our Gullyboy, her soulmate who passed July 2018 would be waiting for her.

A few days later, I was laying in bed sobbing, I had her daughters laying with me, when I saw Nell's shadow at the end of the bed. I have no doubt in my mind, our beloved fur babies who've passed, give us signs to let us know they're ok, and that they'll always be with us, watch over us until we are reunited with them again.

Take care everyone..x
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