Hey Everyone,
I’m new here and just gotten the courage to write this post after trying all day to write this. First I want to express my condolences to all of you who have lost your beloved fur babies. I find great strength in this forum. Even though the circumstances for all of us finding one another are less than desired, I am grateful for finding a place to express my grief and sadness during the most hardest days of my life.

I lost my best friend Quentin suddenly 2 days ago. I’m having the most difficult time dealing with it. I don’t know how to deal with it. This pain in my heart is unbearable to say the least and the grief is sickening at times. I can’t stop crying. When I finally give my eyes a rest, I am hit with the quietness that I am now left with since he’s been gone.

2 days ago he was fine, he was alert, energetic, talkative, hungry, loving. It was a regular day, not at all different in any way. So me and my husband went to lay down to take a nap. We woke up about 2 hours later and I saw him on our bed. Nothing abnormal since he always went to bed with us. I thought at the time he was asleep. My husband went to rub his belly to wake him up and I saw the most terrified look on his face. He tried waking him again but Quentin didn’t move, his mouth open with his tongue slightly sticking out......I immediately started crying, asking my husband if he was joking over and over. As soon as my husband started crying I knew this was really happening. How could this have happened?!?! He was fine just 2 hours before this!!! We called the vet and wrapped him in a blanket and headed to the vet. We got there and made the final arrangements for his cremation. Still wondering what happened. We got no clear answers from the vet, so I’m left with nothing but questions that will probably never be answered. My mom said he probably had a heart attack in his sleep and probably didn’t feel anything. I keep going over that day in my mind to see if maybe I missed something, but I can’t think of anything.

We also lost his younger brother Cleo 8 months ago. The two of them were inseparable. I know Quentin missed Cleo a lot.

I feel like this sadness will never go away, that my heart will always hurt 💔 He was my life, my little man. How can I get through this?
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You wrote to me on my post thank you for that , i just read your post and im terribly sorry for what's happened and so sudden its awful
The first week i remember was the hardest for me the feeling of your heart being complelty broken is excruciating and the shock off them passing has no words to describe , It's awful iam so sorry .
One thing I've read online about grief is nothings not normal with grief so we go with the flow and take each step as it comes . It's so hard
I feel for you as your fur baby was fine so you would be in massive shock right now , I'm sorry that the vet couldn't tell you what had happened , your mum may be right if could of been his heart which if he was aslerp would of been peaceful, i know that doesn't stop the pain for you though .
I do find posting on here gets me though the days and talking about macky helps me . Another thing thst does help me is I look at the photos of macky , when he was younger and most the photos are of him beimg goofy as he was and it will put a smile on my face .
If you need anything let me know
Sending you lots of strength for the coming days ahead

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Hello Sad Mama, I understand how unbearable the pain can be when you lose your precious pet. Were you able to get any idea at all of what could have happened from Quentin's vet? Or if not, could you speak with the vet now to try and get some answers? It has to be so shocking to lose him so quickly so it would be good if you are able to get some kind of explanation. The thing that may give you comfort is knowing Quentin is with Cleo now. He must have missed him very much. Allow yourself to cry as much as you need to and mourn your dear Quentin. I'm so sorry for your loss. Hugs to you,
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